What Kendell Lang’s Clients and Colleagues Have to Say.

CEO and CIO at SensorWave Technology, Inc.

“Kendell is a very motivated individual. He is organized and productive, has a strong leadership style. He is expert in several areas, and is especially strong in technology and social marketing.” June 29, 2009

Jay Barbeau, System Architect, SensorWave Technology
Reported to Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Always strategic; very organized; a strong team focus. An uncommon combination that yields uncommon results” June 26, 2009

John Major, Owner, MTSG
Advisory Board member at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Kendell’s keen sense of professional acumen and the ability to transfer these skills into executable social marketing campaigns and strategies that build business platforms, target him as an executive in the forefront. He runs circles around most!” June 24, 2009

Francey Marzicola Seckinger, Founder/Owner, Full Spectrum Marketing
Was with another company when working with Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“I have worked for many senior managers during my long career but never one as tireless and dedicated as Kendell. He has an incredible ability to multitask in highly complex environments resulting in timely, innovative and effective social marketing solutions. Kendell will be a strong asset to any senior management team helping to lead them to success in an intelligent, understandable and cost effective manner.” June 23, 2009

Tom Quinn, Vice President, McBride M-Power
Reported to Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Kendell has always amazed me with his foresight, intellect and ability to get things done. I’ve seen him in a number of different situations and he is always adaptable and he is also able to work with a varied and diverse group of people. But most of all, he is able to get social marketing results! If you want leadership, dependability, character and intelligence wrapped up into one person, then Kendell is the person you are looking for.” June 22, 2009

John Mecklenburg, Division President, John Laing Homes
Was with another company when working with Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Kendell is amazingly unique in his ability to bring the extraordinary to his social marketing campaign work. Without hesitation, I recommend Kendell. His gifts and talents to “make things happen” combined with his personality and desire for excellence, insure elation from his vendors and customers.” June 20, 2009

Dave Thorpe, Founder, Data Ticket, Inc
Was with another company when working with Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Kendell works long hours to achieve the social marketing goals he sets. He is also a good friend and has assisted me many times personally, and professionally.” June 19, 2009

David Schell, Installation Manager, SensorWave Technology, Inc.
reported to Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“What a pleasure it has been to work with Kendell. Kendell sets great direction and stays focused on his social marketing campaign objectives and goals. He has done a spectacular job at systemizing a company in a way that results can be both consistent and dynamic. Considered one of the key leaders in San Diego, Kendell can transform an organization to peak performance.” June 17, 2009

Tom Myers, Founder and CEO, Clear Thinking LLC / Suite Savings / Suite Benefits
reported to Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Kendell Lang is a very strong leader who is able to easily switch from identifying, developing and implementing company’s social marketing campaigns and strategic direction, to dealing with the day to day management details. He is a clear communicator, a supportive mentor, and a fair-minded manager. I have worked with Kendell three times now, and would welcome any opportunity to work with him in the future.” June 17, 2009

Magda Remillard, VP of Operations, Sensorwave Technology, Inc.
reported to Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Kendell Lang has completely exceeded our expectations for the powerful and resourceful CEO we needed. Kendell quickly commanded the respect of our employees, service providers, and customers, as he took full and immediate charge of SensorWave’s social marketing campaign, operations and issues. His keen mind quickly grasped what was needed to establish a stronger company vision and a powerful new business model. Kendell is not only a visionary and planner, he is also a master of multi-tasking execution. His disciplined execution is warmed by the generous nature of an outstanding human being. We are proud to have Kendell leading our company. Mo Bjornestad” January 28, 2008

Mo Bjornestad, Founder, SensorWave Technology, Inc.
worked directly with Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“Kendell is detailed oriented person, who can see the scope of a project and understands the need for organization and delegation. He is a hands-on CEO that earns a full measure of respect and loyalty, from all that know him.” January 28, 2008

Jim Maddux, Regional Sales Manager, Sensorwave Technology
worked indirectly for Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.


“I have known Kendell for over a decade now and we have worked together on many IT projects and social marketing campaigns. Most recently Kendell has been working with a security company in Carlsbad, CA in the capacity of CEO. Kendell is both task and success oriented and tends to take on projects which have a pathway to success which is clear to him and not clear to the principals. My observation over the years is that once Kendell is engaged, he orients the project in such a way that tasks leading to success are accomplished both by his own efforts and those working with him. Inevitably success is the final outcome in every task Kendell puts his drive, unique talents and initiative to! What can I say, but that Kendell is a trusted and valued social marketing colleague whenever we work together!” January 28, 2008

James Hawkins, Owner, Signature Group Internet Marketing
was with another company when working with Kendell at SensorWave Technology, Inc.



WorldClass Software and Social Marketing Solutions, Inc.

“I worked with Kendell at 3 different positions. Kendell is truly a thorough leader. He is very intelligent, well spoken, and an excellent communicator. He is one of the few social marketing and IT management types that actually knows social marketing and IT! Kendell is an excellent person to work with, and for. I would highly recommend the experience.” July 4, 2008

Steve Moss, CSM, CSPO, Software Architect, One World Software Solutions
worked with Kendell at WorldClass Software Solutions, Inc.


“I have known Kendell for more than 10 years. He’s taught me just as much about life as he has about business. I met him as a hiring manager and we subsequently became friends. We’ve formed a level of trust that’s very unique in the business world. He’s one of the people who could call me in 30 years and we’d pick up in 5 minutes like it was yesterday. Best regards, Brian Margarita” April 17, 2008

Brian Margarita, CEO, TalentFuse
Was a consultant or contractor to Kendell at WorldClass Software Solutions, Inc.


“I have been with WorldClass as a social marketing copywriter and editor for just over a year now and have found Kendell to be one of the most open, honest and dedicated employers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a gentle guiding force that nurtures a positive working environment in which I am allowed to take complete initiative. His encouragement and confidence in my skills has in turn inspired me to produce a consistently high standard of copy for all our clients’ social marketing campaigns. When it comes to employer-employee relationships, I think this is about as good as it gets!”

Thea Beckman, Social Marketing Copywriter and Editor
Contractor to Kendell Lang at WorldClass Brand Management

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