Internet and Social Media Advertising Webinars

Internet and social media advertising webinars offer a fantastic way for business owners and employees alike to expand their knowledge base without even having to leave the office! Save yourself time and money by signing up for one of Kendell Lang’s dynamic and informative Internet and social media advertising webinars. Alternatively, you could sign up for the entire program, affording you a comprehensive education that will put you miles ahead of your competitors when it comes to modern marketing strategy and technique. Each webinar consists of a PowerPoint presentation that you follow over the Internet while listening to Kendell’s voice over the telephone.

How Social Media Advertising Webinars Works

You can begin your education simply by registering for the program [insert link]. You will be provided with a telephone number, which you call at the scheduled time and date of the live session, as well as an Internet address. At the scheduled time, navigate your way to the designated web page, call the telephone number and sit back and enjoy the presentation, whether you are at home, at work or the local coffee shop! As long as you have access to the Internet, you can benefit from these interactive and informative social media advertising webinars. And if you have any questions, you will be able to ask them at the end of each session, during the interactive Question and Answer period.

Organize Your Social Media Advertising Webinar Session Today.

If you would like to tune in to one of Kendell Lang’s interactive social media advertising webinars, Contact Me [insert link] today to find out when the next session is. Single sessions as well as a customized webinar series can be organized for individuals or groups of people.

Internet and Social Media Advertising Webinar Topics

1. Developing Your Social Media Strategy
With the vast array of social media and networking sites out there, deciding which ones to use to promote your business online can prove to be exceptionally intimidating. Furthermore, understanding how to use these sites in your social media advertising campaign can be very tricky without the proper knowledge. Experienced social media advertising expert, Kendell Lang, presents a webinar session on developing a marketing strategy that can be customized to maximize your particular business’ online visibility and success. Navigate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, podcasting and other social media tools to your advantage!

2. Social Media Advertising Webinar: Facebook Marketing 101
With a membership of over 550 million active users (and growing all the time), Facebook is perhaps the leading social media advertising platform on the web. It facilitates communication, interaction and information transaction without temporal or spatial boundaries. If you’re new to Facebook marketing, this social media advertising webinar is essential! Kendell Lang will take you on a tour of Facebook, making sense of profile pages, groups, advertising, applications and all the other tools you could be using to bring your business closer to its target audience.

3. Social Media Advertising Webinar: Facebook Marketing and Your Business Profile Page
Kendell Lang, internet marketing and social media advertising guru, will provide you with the understanding and tools you need to set up a user-friendly and highly effective business profile page on Facebook. Kendell will walk you through the different elements of your profile page, helping you to build a powerful brand name and image using this, the world’s largest social network! The outcomes of this webinar include learning about the elements of Facebook pages, apps for your profile page, attracting greater volumes of traffic and maintaining a massive online impact.

4. Social Media Advertising Webinar: Facebook Advertising
Facebook offers an unparalleled platform for advertising; allowing business to target their audience in ways like never before. Owing to the information that Facebook users share with this social media and networking site, you can develop advertising campaigns and strategies that are demographically and geographically targeted. You can also integrate SEO keywording into your marketing strategy, but this is really just the tip of the social media advertising ice berg! Kendell Lang will explore the fathomless opportunities of Facebook advertising and how you can make use of this online phenomenon to promote your business. This social media advertising webinar will teach you how to:

  • Create audience-specific Facebook adverts
  • Create informative and compelling copy for your ads
  • Effectively plan your social media advertising budget

5. Social Media Advertising Webinar: Marketing Through Facebook Groups
The number and diversity of old and new Facebook groups are virtually limitless. Some have only a handful of followers while others boast millions. So, where do the marketing opportunities lie for your business? How are these groups being used by businesses for social media advertising? Together with Kendell, online marketing guru, this webinar will teach you all about the various features of Facebook Groups, how to find and join groups that are relevant to your business and how you can use them to market effectively without spamming.

6. How Facebook Metrics Impact Your Business, Your ROIand ROEIt’s one thing to learn how to use Facebook as a platform for social media advertising and quite another to monitor the success of your marketing endeavors! There are literally thousands upon thousands of organizations, companies and destinations that make use of Facebook as a major component in their marketing strategy. But are all the hours spent commenting, uploading images, updating status and engaging in online conversations yielding fruit? How do you measure the impact of your Facebook social media advertising campaign? Kendell Lang will walk you through the explored Facebook universe, explaining in detail the various parameters you should be tracking and how to do so. The very best way to move forward is to learn from your mistakes and failures; tracking your online success is a fundamental way to optimize your social media advertising strategy. This is not a session to be missed!

Internet and Social Media Advertising Webinar Topics

  1. Pod-casting
  2. Social Media Advertising: An Overview
  3. Social Media as a Business Application
  4. Social Media Advertising: Past, Present and Future
  5. Website Design and Development Methodology
  6. 6 Week Series: Search Engine Optimization and Success
  7. Search Engine Optimization Methodology
  8. Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly
  9. Link Popularity, Relevancy and Search Engine Rankings
  10. The Search Engine Algorithm
  11. Search Engine and Directory Submission
  12. Pay-Per-Click and Sponsored Listing with Search Engines
  13. Website Critique
  14. Generating Repeat Traffic
  15. Online Marketing with Blogs and Wiki’s
  16. Effective Marketing with Landing Pages
  17. Consumer Generated Media
  18. Permission Marketing
  19. Viral Marketing
  20. Private Mail List Marketing
  21. Media Relations and eZine Marketing
  22. Revenue Generation, Partnering and Cross Promotion
  23. Mobile Marketing
  24. Web Traffic Analysis and Web Metrics
  25. The complete webinar program consisting of all 30 topics

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