The Power of Patient Reviews – Social Media Marketing Tool for Healthcare Professionals

If your business is more than a few weeks old in the 'webosphere,’ you'll have recognized by now the immense significance of a spotless reputation on the web. In fact, if patient reviews for healthcare professionals are syndicated correctly and effectively through the social media streams. This is especially true for those frequented by your niche of patients, which will mean the difference between a client choosing you or the dentist next door. Patient reviews left from your client's verified accounts on websites like Yelp and Kudzu build up instant credibility in favor of your business and provide solid proof of your physician's skills, customer service, and other key points.

Reputation Management and the Power of Patient Reviews

If you have specific questions not directly answered in our Reputation Management Report please feel free to call me directly at 760.445.3315.  I am willing to take your direct calls to answer your questions because this is a critical issue to understand.

The last thing you EVER want to hear is "A Derogatory Item Was Just Added To Your Google Reviews"  A negative patient review or a complaint to the local dental board can have a devastating effect on your dental practice marketing.

Get our Reputation Management Report on how to become a top 10% reviewed practice across the web and prevent damaging reviews. A study by Harvard Business School found that "Every Star in a Review Leads to a 5-9% Jump in Revenues". The top 10% of reviewed sites get 60% of the business online. Also it has been found that a specific methodology combined with good customer service gets a firm into the top 10% fastest. 

In the information age, it is too easy for a reputation to be tarnished and all such attempts by any client need to be arrested before it goes public. Are you MANAGING YOUR REPUTATION?  This is the NUMBER ONE way you are going to protect your hard won reputation.  If you want to learn why;  


Where to Get Your First Testimonials

The best option would be to ask them to leave your business a client testimonial on the practice's website – straight from the horse's mouth! The sites you should be targeting firstly are Yelp, CitySearch, and Insider Pages. If the patient doesn't come forward and offer a testimonial, then simply ask for it. Seeking professional advice on marketing medical practices from social media consulting services at Kendall Lang is the best option when you're making decisions of this nature. These client testimonials will then enter the complicated social media network for syndication of business reviews online. Insider pages, CitySearch, and Yelp are currently dominant sources of business reviews on the web.  These sites, an integrated component of social media, syndicate their reviews on your business to other smaller sites downstream where potential patients of a different demographic have high traffic to. Each site follows a different set of 'relaying rules' in terms of forwarding the testimonials; these rules are consistently revised in their favor, such as with YellowBot.

Stay Ahead with Kendell Lang!

While the top patient testimonial sites on the web continue to change, Kendell Lang will make it his priority to stay atop of it all, ensuring our health professional clients, like you, are represented through well-executed strategies for management of your business reputation on the web. Knowledge of this nature can be crucial in terms of the social media importance for monitoring and recognition of patient reviews. That's because, only if you catch negative reviews at their source, do you stand the chance of mitigating their proliferations. 

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