The Company Blog: An Integral Part of Your Social Marketing Plan

About Social Marketing: An Introduction


With the advent of social media and networking, business textbooks across the world have had to be rewritten to accommodate the complete paradigm shift in Internet marketing. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and the hundreds more out there are no longer just platforms for social interaction and the sharing of information and media, such as photos, music and videos. Rather, the vast array of social media sites has given rise to a whole new field of business promotion and advertising known as social marketing. So important is social marketing to the modern business that if you don’t maintain an active profile on at least four to five different social media and networking sites, then you are probably lagging behind your competitors. Social marketing increases a business’ online exposure to its target audience; it increases leads and web-traffic and, at the end of the day, it vastly increases business profits. An integral part of a solid social marketing plan is maintaining a company blog….


Social Media Marketing Blog


Your Social Marketing Plan: Maintaining a Company Blog


A blog, or web log, is an online diary of sorts. It is used for the expression of opinion and the sharing of knowledge. Some people blog regularly about their personal experiences but for the purpose of social marketing, it will be your priority to blog, or write about your industry in a way that makes it entirely accessible to your target audience. So, for example, if you own a dental practice, you could write blogs about dental implants, root canals, wisdom teeth extraction or even about some of the funnier patient reactions to Nitrous Oxide laughing gas! The blog is intended to be interesting, informative and even humorous. But most of all, social marketing blogs need to convince your audience that you are a leader in the industry and an expert to be trusted. They need to lend your business credibility.


Starting Your Company Blog: A Social Marketing ‘How To’


  1. Find a blogging platform that suits your needs: and are good ones to start with. They’re easy to work with and offer plenty of tips and direction on how to get started.


  1. Do your research: Find a handful of businesses in the same industry as you and follow them (subscribe to their blogs and read them). This will provide you with a valuable understanding of what it takes to manage a social marketing blog. You can also come up with plans to better them!


  1. Research topics and write. Once you’ve set up your blogging platform and you’ve taken some time to read your competitor’s blogs, brainstorm a few topics and get writing! Remember, you need to have a big impact on your reader, so if your writing skills leave much to be desired, maybe hire an English student to write them for you.


  1. In social marketing, content is key! Use photos and videos to appropriately illustrate your text, but keep it relevant. The information you provide should be stimulating and insightful – show off your in-depth industry expertise!


Social Marketing Plan: A Final Note


Social Media Marketing Bloggin


Maintaining a company blog need not take loads of your time, however, if you are at the helm of a business and can’t afford the distraction, it’s definitely worth the while to get someone else to write it for you. Make sure you approve the content before it gets broadcast and don’t be shy to comment on other blogs. Social marketing is all about link-building, sharing and establishing a name for your business online!

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