Ten WorldClass Social Media Events for Entrepreneurs


Ten WorldClass Social Media Events for Entrepreneurs


An entrepreneur is – translated literally from its French origins – someone who undertakes (a task). As a business owner, whether it’s a small, medium or large enterprise, you have undertaken the task of providing a service or product to a target audience. You are an undertaker (no, not the kind that works in a morgue); you are a go-getter, a doer, someone who takes something as intangible as a dream, a desire, a passion or an idea and spins a solid tractable reality from it. The reality the entrepreneur aims for is a good reputation in their chosen craft and to establish and maintain a business that generates a profit; a decent profit. Or, euphemisms dropped, a truck-load of money!


Anyone who owns and runs a business is an entrepreneur, whether you are a dentist running your own practice or a qualified financial advisor looking to establish a larger base of clients. Whatever your sector, skill or passion, spinning reality from vision takes a huge amount of work, dedication, nimbleness of thought and steadfastness of heart. You also need to keep your mind open to inspiration and education, for these are the real drivers behind success. Every year, many cities across the United States play host to a great number of events that are specifically intended to provide this kind of inspiration and education to entrepreneurs, no matter how big or small your business is or where you are in your journey from dream to reality. These events also offer golden opportunities for networking, and you know what they say: It’s not so much what you know as who you know!


As I said, there are numerous events held annually across the United States and they all provide fantastic opportunities for the entrepreneur looking for a bit of inspiration or some furthered education. Or both! So, without further ado, here are the 10 social media and business events WorldClass highly recommends for modern entrepreneurs! Diarize them; make solid plans to attend at least one and you will walk away better equipped to spin solid reality from dreams, passion and ideas!


Event # 1: BlogHer Conference


When? August 2nd to 4th, 2012

Where? Hilton Hotel, New York, NY


What’s it about? Anyone and everyone involved in blogging, whether it’s for business, personal interest or pleasure, are encouraged to join the 8th annual BlogHer Conference in New York. This event, which is wide open to the public, pays particular attention to highlighting the talents and skills of women who are actively engaged in the blogosphere (hence the title of the conference.) Having said this, all genders, ethnicities and ages (beginners and seasoned bloggers alike) are greatly encouraged to attend.





Event # 2: NYXPO ~ New York Business Expo and Conference


When? October 17th, 2012

Where? New York, NY


NYXPO is an annual event that attracts over 10,000 executives and upwards of 200 exhibitors. The objective of this expo and conference, with over 40 quality seminars, is to provide further education in the full suite of business topics, including marketing, business growth, social media, advertising, best business practices and principles and much more. If you want to learn about the very latest and hottest products and services, to discover and master the key to financial stability and success and meet competitive challenges, the NYXPO is a must-do!


Event # 3: BlogWorld and New Media Expo


When? January 6th to 8th, 2013

Where? Rio Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV


What’s it about? The modern business owner must recognize the indispensible nature of social media in the effective and widespread communication and promotion of their brand. The BlogWorld & New Media Expo provides excellent exposure and learning opportunities for those who already have or are yet to jump on the social media bandwagon. This Expo is the largest blogger, podcaster, social media enthusiast, web TV and social media content creation conference in the world. Anyone who has anything to do with, or has any use for social media marketing (which, if you’re an entrepreneur, is YOU) can learn from the most highly respected speakers and educators in their respective fields. It doesn’t matter whether you are a social media expert or completely new to it all. The BlogWorld & New Media Expo offers a quality education for entrepreneurs to make their businesses a huge success, both online and off-line.


Event # 4: Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


When? January 8th to 11th, 2013

Where? Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV


What’s it about? The Consumer Electronics Show, hosted by the Las Vegas Convention Center, is a technology-related tradeshow that provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and techno-junkies to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s new and what’s on the horizon. The CES is a huge international affair that hosts previews of the brand new products and technologies being released by the Who’s Who of inventors, tech companies and gadgeteers. Unfortunately, being a tradeshow, it is not open to the public. Only businesses that have registered with the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) are permitted entry. Trade students have also been allowed in the past, but only on a specified day and for a fee that is in the region of $100 (in 2008.)



Event # 5: The Content Marketing Strategies Conference


When? May 7th, 2013

Where? Berkeley, CA


What’s it about? Hosted by Divr.it, the Content Marketing Strategies Conference focuses on helping small businesses to effectively market themselves through quality online content generation. Understanding the role content marketing (video, audio, articles, blogs and more) plays in generating greater interest and therefore demand, sales and profits are pivotal to business success. In addition to the education, exposure and opportunities for networking, the Content Marketing Strategies Conference sends attendees home with a tractable plan of action geared to help them enhance or kick-start an effective content marketing campaign.


Event # 6: The Google I/O


When? May 14th to 16th 2013

Where? Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA


What’s it about? If you really want to catch a glimpse of the very latest social, mobile and web breakthroughs that are creating waves throughout the world, Google I/O offers a fantastic platform on which to do so. Not only can you learn all about these breakthroughs and how they can benefit your business, but you also get to meet the genius developers responsible for them! Keeping yourself and your business team at the forefront of your industry is all about seeking constant improvement, education and inspiration, which is what Google I/O (Input / Output) promises. True to the technology of the day, you can actually watch Google I/O from the comfort of your own home with I/O Live. You could even organize educational office seminars, using I/O Live to stream keynotes and informative sessions from the event.


Event # 7: Small Business Week


When? Dates for 2013 to be announced

Where? Washington D.C. (exact venue to be announced)


What’s it about? Small businesses are entirely unique in their needs. For one, you generally have a single person at the helm of the business, which can, depending upon their personality and capabilities, go either way! A mind open to further education and information is essential for the success of any small business, as is nurturing relationships with suppliers, clients and your competition. The National Small Business Week offers fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with other business leaders in the community, to expand their network and to get inspired. The Small Business Administration, which hosts this event, has recognized the important and even fundamental economic contribution made by small business owners and American entrepreneurs since 1963.


Event # 8: San Francisco Small Business Week


When? Dates for 2013 to be announced

Where? San Francisco (exact venue to be announced)


What’s it about? If you own a small business and are looking to connect with your peers, reignite your passion and refresh your drive, you need to book yourself a seat at next year’s San Francisco Small Business Week! With more than 4,000 small business community members attending this free annual event, you can find out about the latest innovative technology, learn about the best business practices and principles and do some valuable networking. The San Francisco Small Business Week is all about expanding, furthering and promoting business.


Event # 9: Startup Weekend


When? Dates for 2013 to be announced

Where? Various cities around the United States (exact venues to be announced)


What’s it about? If you’re a web developer, marketer, product manager, web designer, advertiser or business owner, you may want to keep an eye out for the next Startup Weekend. These 54-hour long events host the congregation of business professionals, especially web professionals, so that ideas can be shared, teams formed, products built and – as the name of the event suggests – startups launched! Startup Weekend really gives entrepreneurs (real and aspiring) the opportunity to get some quality hands-on experience in formulating startup ideas and then making them happen. These events are great for professionals from all different backgrounds, both technical/design and business.


Event # 10: Small Business Tour


When? Dates for 2013 to be announced

Where? Various cities around the United States (exact venues to be announced)


What’s it about? Want to learn more about the challenges faced by the modern small business so that you can better tackle these hurdles? Want to find out what the latest technology relevant to your business is? Want cutting-edge advice on business management from small business experts? If you are looking to further your education, expand your professional network and advance your business’ potential, then the Small Business Tour is a fantastic and inspirational event to attend. For a fresh take on how to manage money, growth and people, stay tuned to find out more about the dates and venues.


 A Final Note from WorldClass:


These are only 10 out of the numerous social media and business events hosted around the country for this year and the next. If you’re interested in attending a local event and want to find out more about the entrance requirements, dates and venues, contact your city's Chamber of Commerce, or have a look online.

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