Supporting the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Academy – Seniors in the Graduating Class 185

My #1 Son, Kamden Robert Lang, will be graduating from the San Bernardino Sheriff's Academy on June 14, 2012.  I'm super excited for him and want to share his event which can be found at  For those of you who aren't connected on Facebook, you can request to Friend me and I'll invite you, or you can read the details from Kamden below:


Hey everyone! 




A brief background:

I have been in the San Bernardino County Sheriff Academy for the past 5 months and it is ALMOST done! Currently the senior class, Class 185 of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy, has completed more than half of our 23-week (920 Hour) required training for the basic academy. The hardest time of my life, but a huge blessing and I have learned a ton! 

With this adventure coming to an end, each academy class volunteers their time for individual events in the community. However, the whole academy is capped off with a charity fundraiser for a specific non-profit organization that is making a difference in the community. 

We, as Class 185, have come along side the organization "Wives Behind the Badge" and the "Make a Wish" foundation. The "Wives Behind the Badge" organization provides emotional, financial, and physical support for law enforcement families and the struggles that come along with it. The "Make a Wish" foundation provides toys and support to families that are struggling, and kids that may be alone. Any person who donates, plays in our Charity event, or buys from our silent auction, can decide which organization they would like the money to go to. 

NOTE: For my family and friends…please, I know you are going to want to send a card or something for graduation, so it would be an honor for me if INSTEAD you would just sent a $1 bill (or whatever you would have spent on a card) and send that as a donation to the address below.

For our fundraising event, we have been graciously given the opportunity to play golf at the Classic Club in Palm Desert ( This course usually costs a pretty penny, HOWEVER, in our joint effort, we have made something very special and unique. 

The Classic Club agreed to shutting down the whole course and holding the course solely for those who have been invited and are attending for our charity event. We come up with a final number of 140 players able to play, which 60 spots have been filled. Along with golf, we have established great gifts and prizes during the day, as well as a silent auction, that will all provide benefits to the charity. 

We are very excited for this event and look forward to seeing the results!!! Please read below about how you can support us even if you can't participate in the Golf Tournament.




When: Friday June 8th, 2012
Where: Classic Club Golf Course
75-200 Classic Club Blvd.
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Time: 8:30am Shotgun Tee Time
Teams: 144 Players / Four-Person Scramble
Pricing: $125 Individual / $400 per Foursome 
(Field Limited to 1st 144 Registered Golfers)

Event Includes:
Cart w/ GPS
Range Privileges 
Yardage Book, Divot Tool & Ball Marker 
Unlimited Bottled Water
Buffet/Awards Banquet Lunch Included 
*$45 Awards Reception lunch tickets available for family members

We are making it known on Facebook so that everyone can be a part of this event and great opportunity. We would love to see everyone support either or both of these organizations and the awesome work that they do in our community! So we ask that if you like golf, love kids, want to try your hand at buying some awesome products at our silent auction, or just want to support us and our cause, please donate to our class, or sign up for some golf! 

As a way to keep this organized, if you are at all willing or curious as to the in depth information of our cause and possibility of playing golf, please contact me as soon as possible. We are coming up to our deadline very quickly and have a need and want to get as many people out there as possible!

You can contact me at anytime at:
S.B.S.D. Trainee Kamden Lang
CELL – 760-846-0781

For Further Information on how to become a sponsor or to make reservations please Contact:
S.B.S.D. Trainee Nathan Sims
Tournament Director 
760-218-5567 or Email 

In the past, classes have conducted fundraisers for non-profit organizations to help support local communities. Class 184 was able to provide over $5,000.00 to the local chapter of The Boys and Girls Club of America. Our class hopes to provide funds to two separate charities.

Wives Behind the Badge will celebrate their 6-year anniversary this July and their goal is to raise $6,000.00 for their 6th year of active support. We at the Sheriff’s academy want to help meet their goal and try to double it. This is only possible with the help from supporters like you. 

Anything you or your business can provide to assist us is greatly appreciated and Tax Deductable. Cash, gift cards, checks, or product can all be used in support of our cause. Wives Behind the Badge, Inc., is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Tax ID: 26-1451580. San Bernardino Sheriff’s Gift of Love, is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Tax ID: 33-0964948.

Please make checks made payable to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy.
Mail To:
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy Class 185
P.O. Box 9037
San Bernardino, CA 92427

Really…I'm totally serious! Please send your donation instead of sending me a card! Thank you so much!!!



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