Kendell Lang's Internet and Social Media Marketing Speaking Topics

Whether you are a business owner looking to improve your own understanding of social media marketing or that of your employees, seeking further education is a great way to remain a leader in your industry. Kendell Lang is a sought after Social Media Keynote Speaker and offers presentations on the following speaking topics:

1. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube. An Introduction to the World of Social Media and Networking and how it Benefits the Modern Business.

The number and diversity of social media and networking sites have literally exploded in the past few years and the resultant 500+ sites out there in the virtual ether offer business owners a unique and highly effective way to communicate their brand name and identity to their target audiences. This presentation provides a detailed introduction to the world of social media and how the modern business can make use of this platform to connect with potential customers and clients in a way like never before. With tips and advice on how to effectively implement social media marketing strategies, this presentation will leave you with a much healthier understanding and appreciation of the role of social media in the modern business' approach to marketing and advertising.

2. Online Marketing Trends: Past, Present and Future

As an Internet and social media marketing expert, it is the priority of Kendell Lang to keep a finger on the pulse of online marketing trends. By examining past trends, one can learn valuable lessons from precedents set. A look at current trends is essential if the modern business is to design effective marketing strategies to target relevant audiences. An overview of the projections for modern marketing trends provides one with an essential framework upon which to base plans for improvement and progress. This dynamic presentation provides valuable information and tips to businesses of all sizes across the industry spectrum.

3. Facebook: The Online Social Media Phenomenon

Facebook is one of the biggest, if not the biggest social media platform on the Internet. With a massive membership of over 550 million regular users (and growing), Facebook offers unrivalled opportunities for targeted online marketing. Understanding how you can use this incredible social media marketing platform to gain your business greater exposure to its target audience is a must if you are to become a leader in your chosen industry. Kendell Lang, in a language you can readily understand, provides a step-by-step guide to using Facebook to benefit your business.

4. About Twitter

Twitter is a massive player in the world of social media and networking. This site alone has added a myriad of words to the modern English dictionary with concepts such as 'Tweet' being used in professional publications and broadcasts. So how can you, the modern business owner, use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool? This is especially true since it only allows you a maximum of 140 characters. Social media marketing guru, Kendell Lang, provides a presentation on Twitter that will help you determine whether this platform is appropriate for your business and if so, how you can use it to increase your web traffic, lead conversion rates and business revenue. Maximize your marketing potential with cutting-edge tools, tips and techniques sculpted to suit your niche industry.

5. Demystifying Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a massive buzz-word and an essential social media strategy to implement in any online marketing campaign. This can be readily appreciated when you consider that more than 85% of all Internet users conduct online research (regarding products and services) using search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Getting your business website into the top 10 search results yielded by these search engines is essential if potential customers and clients are to 'find' you instead of your competitors when searching for the products and services you offer. SEO is the strategy that will help you achieve these results. Internet and social media marketing guru, Kendell Lang, provides a comprehensive talk on how your business can use search engine algorithms and trends to maximize your website's exposure to its target audience.

6. About Podcasting

Along with the never-ending paradigm shifts in modern online marketing strategy comes an intimidating list of terminology that can quite literally boggle the mind. Podcasting is a prime example. During this presentation, Kendell Lang answers essential questions ranging from what Podcasting is and how it's done to who it benefits most, the content you should be producing and how to distribute it on social media and broadcasting sites, such as YouTube.

7. Online Tools, Resources and Social Media Gadgets that Could Supercharge your Online Success

Kendell Lang, social media marketing expert, presents a dynamic and comprehensive overview of the latest online resources and tools that you could be using to effectively market your business; most of them free! Improve your online visibility, increase web traffic and reap the benefit of greater sales with this fantastic presentation.

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