Social Media Video Marketing Boot Camp

Social Media Video Marketing Boot Camp

Are you ready to ‘slap-proof’ your rankings with content that Google actually WANTS and will readily find?

As article directories, static websites and other web properties and parameters that Google simply doesn’t like continue to disappear in search rankings, rapidly growing social media sites, such as YouTube (owned and adored by Google!) become a no-brainer for easy, ever-growing traffic generation.

Has video taken a back seat in your online social media marketing efforts?

Has a fear of being in front of the camera or learning new software kept you from moving forward?

Today, that has all got to change if you are serious about achieving online success!

Five Reasons Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore YouTube Social Media and Video Marketing:

  1. YouTube is the World’s 3rd most visited social media website!
  2. YouTube is considered the Number Two search engine, behind Google! This means that people are more interested with finding information via video and social media broadcasting than written content.
  3. YouTube social media broadcasting and videos are indexed inside Google’s search results!
  4. YouTube now receives over three BILLION daily views… and that number is rapidly growing!
  5. YouTube Mobile gets over 100 million views per day!

So, What Results Can YOU Expect From Leveraging YouTube in Your Social Media Marketing?

Jumping on the YouTube Band Wagon: How To Supercharge Your Social Media Broadcasting and Video Campaign

Now more than ever, affordable technology allows you to produce simple and engaging videos without any experience or professional training! The true “magic” in your social media video marketing campaign is getting YOUR videos to the top of YouTube and Google to funnel an ever-growing flood of free traffic directly to your site, blog or online offer! And..

Turning Your Simple Videos into Traffic-Pulling Machines is as Simple as One, Two, Three with WorldClass University Video Training!


You don’t need to be a technical wiz behind the camera, or an Academy Award-Winning actor in front of the camera to get amazing results with WorldClass University Video Training. But you do need to be able to master those three simple steps listed above.

We’ve put together the most-comprehensive, and simple to follow training program designed to show you exactly how to leverage video to get more traffic and more business!


Inside You’ll Discover…

“Plus…We’re Giving You +$788 in Extra Goodies with WorldClass University Video Training!”


To Find out More About YouTube Social Media Broadcasting or to Place Your Order for this Incredible Offer, Contact Kendell Today!

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