Social Media Marketing Professional, Kendell Lang, provides Social Media Tip Of The Week #3 on American Underdog Radio

For this Wednesday on American Underdog Radio, we are going to be discussing “What Social Networks Should I Use?”


Our first week we talked about “Claiming Your Social Name


Last week we talked about “Content & Keyword Selection


This week we’ll talk about “Which Social Networks Should I Use?” Now that I’ve Claimed My Name and Produced my Content with the correct Keyword Selection…where and how do I post that to the ‘social network sphere’ in a way that is most effective and efficient?”  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN UNDERDOG RADIO SHOW


Next week we’ll talk about “Social Media Time Wasters”


Are You Maximizing Your Investment in a Social Networking Strategy?

It took Radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners.

It took Television 13 years to reach 50 million viewers.

It took Facebook just 9 months to reach 100 million members! by June 2010 they had more than 500 million active users and now exceeds 850 million just 2 years later.

Everywhere you turn someone is talking about how fantastic social media is. We hear how people are spending six hours a day on Facebook.  They are responding to Twitter tweets all day and all night.  Facebook’s 850 million users collectively spend more than 53.5 billion minutes on the site each day. That’s amazing.


Many of these people think that social media will help them grow their businesses. They expect to make tons of money by using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as marketing tools.  But the truth is that the vast majority of people are NOT making money with social media and are just wasting their time. That begs a very important question. What are they doing and how are they going to convert that activity to a Return on Investment?


To get you on the path of profitable social media use, we are going to share some contrarian ideas about how to be successful in social media, along with some of the major ways businesspeople are wasting their time with social media. For each time waster, we have a solution to immediately provide an answer.  But first, let’s answer some of the basic Who, What, Where, When and How about Social Media Marketing.


HERE’S THE SIMPLE REASONS YOU NEED TO HAVE A SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Your social media content is indexed by search engines.  If done correctly, your social media content will include a high quality backlink to your base website, thereby increasing your presence, improving your search engine ranking and generating new leads.  Learn the reality of social networking as it relates to impacting your search engine optimization and how that impacts your lead generation goals.  How Google ranks your Facebook page has nothing to do with how many friends you have, how many postings you make and it completely ignores how many much time you spend on the site.  What matters is the CONTENT you publish on Facebook, just like the CONTENT you publish on your website.  The more relevant the content is to your target keyword mix, the higher your social media content is going to rank and the more relevant linking is going to happen to your core website.


HOW MANY SOCIAL NETWORK WEBSITES ARE THERE? Depending on who you talk to, there are more than 650 “social network” websites in the social sphere, with some folks estimating as many as 3 new social network sites being built per day.  The way we define a legitimate social network is that they have to have more than 1 million members.  By that criteria alone there are more than 350 social networking websites who fit that criteria. 

We have published that list at

You can also get additional lists of social networking websites at:

Are you confused yet?

WHICH SOCIAL NETWORKS SHOULD I HAVE ACCOUNTS WITH? Since you can’t be everywhere all the time, where should you focus your time, energy and marketing investment?  If you just focus on the Top 10 social networking websites in the major social networking categories, it will look something like this:

Business Oriented Social Networking Categories:
  1. Social Networking sites
    1. Facebook (Ning, MySpace, Badoo/Bebo)
    2. Twitter [hybrid, microblogging/socialnetwork/news]
  2. Social Video sites
    1. Youtube (Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe)
  3. Social Photo sites
    1. Picassa (,,
  4. Social Professional Networking sites
    1. LinkedIn (Plaxo,,
  5. Social Bookmarking sites
    1. (,, StumbleUpon)
  6. Social Press Release sites
    1. (,,
  7. Social Blog sites
    1. Word Press (LiveJournal,,
Other Interesting Categories –
Social Document Sharing (,
Social PowerPoint Sharing ( ,
Social Radio (,

So the Top 10 websites in each of those 7 categories now means that you are dealing with 70 social networking websites.

WHAT IS THE PRIMARY PURPOSE FOR HAVING SOCIAL NETWORK ACCOUNTS? Any Marketing Investment should do one of three things for you:

  1. Save you Time
  2. Save you Money
  3. Make you Money

Preferably, your marketing investment will do ALL THREE!!!  Are you clear about what your purpose is for having social networking accounts?  If you can’t articulate how you’re going to monetize your social networking activity, you shouldn’t go any further.


WHAT DO I DO WITH MY SELECTED SOCIAL NETWORK ACCOUNTS? Now that you’ve figured out which social networks to focus on, what are you going to do with those accounts?  Let’s go back to the purpose, which is to distribute your high quality keyword rich content!  So, you are going to publish your content at least once a week to all of your social networking accounts.  Let’s do some quick math to calculate the time required to deal with 70 social network sites.  Let’s assume you are really technically literate, you are a fast typist and you are very familiar with navigating social networks.  That means you should be able to navigate to each social network site on your list, register your information to create a new account, go to your email and click on the validation link, log back into the site, add your profile picture, add your profile description, create a link to your base website and then post your first piece of content.  All of that should take you no more than 15 minutes J.  15 times 70 equals = 1,050 minutes or 17.5 hours to do these, a little more than two days if you don’t do anything else.  That’s just the first week to get your base social networking accounts in working order.  Now remember, to make sure your investment is maximized for these social network accounts, you’re going to have to come back each week and post at least one additional piece of new content each week, so let’s assume that this only takes you 10 minutes per website, so 10 times 70 equals = 700 minutes or 11.6 hours.  That means spending two 6 hour days each week posting content to your 70 top social networking sites.  Now you can start to see why this is such a monumental task when your only option is doing this manually.  That is why many companies are hiring interns to be their “social media coordinators” to be responsible for all this.  It doesn’t take long to understand the need for a full time intern when you’re talking about managing 350+ social networking accounts.  350 times 10 equals = 3,500 minutes or 58.3 hours PER WEEK!!!!  That’s just a tad bit more than your average intern is likely going to want to work each week.


HOW DO I PUBLISH MY CONTENT TO MY SELECTED SOCIAL NETWORK ACCOUNTS? You have two options for publishing your content; first, you can do it manually yourself or hire someone to do it for you…still manual. Second, you can do it automatically so;

  1. You need to be able to write your CONTENT ONCE (article, press release, news story, blog article, video(s), photo(s), etc.)
  2. You need to be able to PUBLISH your content GLOBALLY an average of 4 times a month to hundreds of social networking sites.

That is the automated alternative presented with WorldClassID

This is an automated social media content distribution service that makes sense out social media chaos.


Here's Why to Subscribe:

1. Write ONCE

2. Publish GLOBALLY

3. Generate NEW LEADS!

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