Social Media Marketing for Dummies: Promoting your Business Online

Social Media Marketing for Dummies: Introduction


According to the gospel of social media marketing for Dummies, it can be said without presumption that we have entered into a digital age where the majority of all our communications, transactions and interactions (and the histories thereof) can all readily be performed and viewed on the computer monitors in front of us. No need to step outside in order to do those myriad of everyday tasks and chores:


Need to pay the bills? Transfer the funds from your bank online.

Want to read the latest news? Check out the headlines online.

Fridge looking bare? Order groceries online.

Want to read the latest Harry Potter? Order it online.

Want to catch up with a friend? Email them, Facebook them, Twitter them… online


There doesn’t seem to be any limits or boundaries to the transactions and interactions we are capable of within the online community! Yet the plethora of social media and networking sites that we use to connect and stay in touch with our friends, families, acquaintances and colleagues extends into more than just the social arena… Allow us to enlighten you: this is social media marketing for Dummies.


Social Media Marketing for Dummies: Promoting your Business


Social media marketing for Dummies isn’t really for those that are a beer short of a six pack; it’s for people like you and your competitors – the business owners – who simply aren’t aware of the incredible possibilities that lie at your fingertips. Social media and networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg and the ±400 others out there in the virtual ether can all be used as marketing and advertising tools for your business, no matter how big or small! In fact, the law of social media marketing for Dummies dictates that the modern business that does not make use of this incredible online advertising space is bound only to fall behind its competitors… way behind. Why? Because the majority of us Earth inhabitants look for information regarding the products and services we need – the products and services your business provides – on the Internet. So, if your business isn’t visible online, you are losing out on all the customers, clients and profits your competitors are merrily enjoying.


According to social media marketing for Dummies, you can achieve the following simply by creating accounts with as many social media and networking sites as possible and regularly posting content that is relevant to your business on them:


  • Increase your website’s visibility to Google, Yahoo, MSN and local search directories, etc. using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO).
  • Promote your business and increase its exposure to your target market audience through your social media accounts.
  • You can actively become your company’s spokesperson and promote the brand name and image online.
  • You can isolate and target your specific market audience.
  • And last, but not least, according to social media marketing for Dummies, you can rig up software that will monitor and assess the results of your online advertising in the form of monthly visits to your website, the average length of stay, followed-up visits, etc.
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