Social Media Marketing And The Theater Of The Mind

The most effective marketing is story tellling.  And it isn't the one you tell to someone in your audience.  The most important storry is the one the person tells themself.

Consider this image below.  Martha Washington.  First Lady to our First President George Washington.  Instead of pointing to the obvious discussion which everyone has had about George Washington, at this point now it's up to the observer to have a conversation with his or herself.  

social media marketing United States history

"Well, I wonder what it was like for Martha Washington to be the First Lady? Who taught her how to behave like a First Lady?  Was the world so different then that she was like any other wife waiting for her husband to come home?"

This is not a pronouncement, this is an invitation to a little internal dialogue and self-talk drama.

Far too often marketers fill in all the blanks and don't give people the chance to create their own story, which is the best way to draw your audience into a relationship.

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