Social Media Expert Kendell Lang Guarantees Results With A Strategic Marketing Plan

Kendell Lang, a social media expert in Del Mar, California, explains the importance of a strategic digital marketing plan in helping businesses get found online by their target market.

Today, the Internet is the destination we head for when searching for answers. Whatever you want to know – whether it’s to settle an argument with a buddy regarding some trivia or to find the nearest hardware store – all you have to do is open up Google and type in your question or command. The answer is instant.


This is the way 80% of Americans search for answers. More importantly to the local business, this is the way 80% of Americans search for recommendations on brands, products and services. If your business isn’t represented online with a website and on social media and if it’s not highly visible to your target market, you are handing these customers over giftwrapped to your competitors. Becoming visible – being easily found by your target audience – is what social media expert Kendell Lang has dedicated his life’s passion to.


Kendell Lang has been a keen player in online marketing, virtually since its conception and with his experience in this field and in the realm of social media, he believes he is able to offer clients what almost no other online marketing agency is willing or able to do… guaranteed results. In order to understand the gravity of this, one needs to understand that the arena of marketing, particularly online marketing, is extraordinarily hit-and-miss. Trial-and-error. While there are a myriad of strategies that turn up results, only the precise combination of strategies, executed in the right way and at the right time will yield success for a client.

Furthermore, each and every client, depending on business, size, industry and more, requires a unique strategic marketing plan for optimal success. And achieving this success comes down to having more than just a solid education in marketing. It requires an intuitive eye, a dexterous mind and lots and lots of experience, which is precisely what social media expert Kendell Lang offers his clients. Lang doesn’t only craft strategic digital marketing campaigns that achieve a phenomenal online presence for his clients, he also takes it one step further: guaranteed results.

“Strategy is crucial in a digital marketing campaign,” says Lang. “Sure, you can set up a business Facebook account, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe throw together an email list and get your business listed locally. But if you don’t connect these various efforts up in an intelligent way to form a giant working marketing mechanism, you won’t see results deserving of the amount of time, effort and money you’re spending. This is a skill born out of experience in and passion for social media and digital marketing.”

A relevant, scalable and foolproof strategic marketing plan is fundamental to the success of a business’ marketing plan and social media expert Kendell Lang has shown he has the mettle to craft just such a product for clients. If you want to drink from the Holy Grail of online revenue, why not choose a digital marketing and social media expert that guarantees results as well?

You can see Kendell Lang live in action on his YouTube Channel or sign up for one of his Webinars Here. Learn more about his Consulting Services or even Book this Social Media Expert to speak to your company or at one of your events!

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