Organic Search

Web Position Analyzer
Software that tells you where your site is positioned in search results of the 10 most popular search engines. Builds traffic by tracking your search engine positions and helping you improve your rankings.

Search Engine Showdown
Detailed analysis of Internet search engines, their features, databases, and strategies.

Search Engine Spy
UK search engine optimisation guide with free search engine submission tips and hints.

Balancing Paid and Organic Search Listings
An article about the importance Balancing Paid and Organic Search Listings.

Pandia Search Central
A source of extensive search tutorial, a guide to search engines and search resources, "Q-cards" with searching tips for major search engines.


Promotion World
Lots of information surrounding online promotion with some good information on search engine submission and preparing your site to be submitted to the search engines. This site also contains some tools you can use to generate meta tags, check your position on search engines, and a free search engine submission service.

Google Adwords
With Google AdWords you create your own ads, choose keywords to help us match your ads to your audience and pay only when someone clicks on them.

Overture: Now called Yahoo! Search Marketing
Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your site in search results across the Web. So you connect with customers who are searching for what you sell.

Directory and Search Enginge Submission Strategies

Directory and Search Enginge Submission Strategies

Search Engine Features for Webmasters

Search Engine Features for Searchers

An Extreme Searcher's Guide to the Best of the Web

Search Engine Feature Chart

Submission Tools

World Submit
World Submit will submit your web site to 1550 of the World's search engines directories including Yahoo, what's new sites, and award sites in 90 categories.

SubmitPlus helps you promote your web site with two very effective web site announcement programs. They offer free and pay services. Before you register your site make sure you check out their Free Promotion Tools section for invaluable tips on how to make your web site ready for the Internet!

The Broadcaster
Broadcaster search engine submission and announcement services covers all aspects of website marketing, promotion and Search Engine secrets.

MetaCrawlers Top Searches List
Ever wonder what the rest of the world is searching for? Catch a glimpse of some of the searches being performed on MetaCrawler at this very moment!

Web Themes Internet Consultants
One of the most active submission and promotion services on the Net. They take a very active role in generating traffic to your site. Web Themes Advertising, Marketing and Promotion and Design, home of The Web Hitman has been promoting new businesses on the web since 1995. They have experience and the resources to promote your Internet web site using a variety of tools to accomplish the task. Their web page promotion services start with your standard professional submission services and extend to extensive programs for increasing traffic on a daily basis.

Wilson Internet Services
Dr. Wilson's Web Marketing Info Center is a "must visit" site. You'll find links to hundreds of online articles about effective Web marketing and resources for search engine and directory submission. From its beginning in August 1995, this site has become one of the most comprehensive Web marketing sites of its kind. It is a fantastic resource.

Jayde Online Directory
The Jayde Online Directory offers a list of places to promote your site organized by type of directory. In addition, be sure to submit your site to the big site database maintained by Jayde.

A very popular Web site promotion tool. You can use Submit It! to register your URL with hundreds of search engines and directories.

Net Submitter Pro
Net Submitter Pro will guide you through the correct ways to prepare your web page information prior to submission and can submit that information to 500 search engines.

SubmitWolf Pro
With a database of over 2500 sites to promote your URL and hundreds of fully automated submission scripts, SubmitWolf can dramatically increase your site traffic. SubmitWolf is loaded with features. It provides detailed submission reports, and it can generate meta tags to help search engines correctly index your site. It even enables you to add your own engines.

Dynamic Submission 2000
This software program is a five-star award winning web site promotion tool. It will submit your web site (or URL) to 800+ search engines with just a few button clicks. Enter your web site details and press a button. This program will automatically submit to hundreds of major search engines within minutes.

TotalHost Global Submissions
Submit your Web Site to over 1000 Search Engines, Media Outlets, Registries and Directories.