Pinterest for Politics 101

Webinar #4 Reminder — PINTEREST FOR POLITICIANS 101 – Media for America, Inc. Presentation of Social Media SuperPAC

Hello My Fellow Conservatives,

Last week we sent out an update that in less than 2 weeks our first Webinar has exceeded 10,200 Views and more than 260 likes! With all your help and sharing the link, we've now exceeded 118,000 views and 328 likes (NO dislikes!). Seems there is an appetite for what we're saying!

To put that in perspective, when Reince Prebus, the RNC Chairman, gave his address to the 2012 Republican National Convention back in August, 2012…that video got 16,510 Views, 52 Likes and 184 dislikes. That is on the National Republican Committee Channel!

Everything you always wanted to know about Pinterest for Politicians but were afraid to ask. This is our 4th weekly Presentation to Conservative contacts with a completely new PowerPoint Presentation about Pinterest for Politicians 101, sponsored by Media for America, Inc., a Social Media SuperPAC. 

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