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Publishing Your Own Newsletter by Alexis Gutzman

Part 1 – Overview of getting started
Part 2 – Cleaning up your mail list
Part 3 – Pros and cons of HTML vs Plain Text
Part 4 – Designing the newsletter
Part 5 – Sending your newsletter
Part 6 – Tips for selecting a 3rd party newsletter service
Part 7 – Five must-haves for a successful newsletter and how to find content
Part 8 – How to manage undeliverable messages

Staring Your Own Newsletter or Ezine by Christopher S L Heng A simple article that offers tips on starting your own newsletter.

Lists of Mailing Lists

A very big directory of mailing lists–over 90,000 to date. Topica has organized its lists into subject categories. Topica provides details on how to subscribe to each of the mail lists in its database and provides information on content as well.

L-Soft’s CataList
CataList, the catalog of listserv lists! From this page, you can browse any of the 19,516 public listserv lists on the Internet, search for mailing lists of interest, and get information about listserv host sites. This information is generated automatically from Listserv’s Lists database and is always up to date.

Internet Marketing Mailing List
The Online Advertising Discussion List focuses on professional discussion of online advertising strategies, results, studies, tools, and media coverage. The list also welcomes discussion on the related topics of online promotion and public relations. The list encourages sharing of practical expertise and experiences between those who buy, sell, research, and develop tools for online advertising, as well as those providing online public relations and publicity services. The list also serves as a resource to members of the press who are writing about the subject of online advertising and promotion.

AOL, Prodigy, and CompuServe
All have their own areas where you can search for mailing lists.

A mailing list that discusses high-tech marketing. To subscribe send the message “subscribe htmarcom your name” to the e-mail address

E-mail List Builder Programs

The Direct E-mail List Source
Thousands of e-mail lists where you can advertise without spamming.

Campaign email marketing software
This is e-mail marketing software used to conduct legitimate e-mail marketing campaigns. Campaign can import your contact database information and send personalized e-mail messages to all of your contacts.

MailWorkZ, experts in the business of emarketing software and services. With products like Broadc@st’s Email Marketing Software and services like ezListZ and the newest addition, ezTrackZ, thousands of MailWorkZ customers have everything they need to increase market share, revenue, profits as well as improve their customer relationships.