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Outlook as powerful new tools to help you simplify e-mail communication, streamline group planning and scheduling, and access the information you need–all in one place.

Outlook Express
Outlook Express is an easy way to send e-mail and participate in Internet newsgroups. Even if you’ve never sent e-mail before, Outlook Express makes it simple by including a setup wizard to help you get started. If you’re switching from another e-mail program, the import function lets you transfer your address book and messages quickly and easily.

Netscape Messenger
Netscape Messenger is full-featured, open standards-based email. Create rich email messages that look like web pages, complete with graphics, images – even Java applets. Find the email address of anyone you want to communicate with, whether inside your company or on the Internet, and add them to your address book with a click.

Eudora Pro
Eudora Pro has programs for both Windows and Mac users. The new version has enhanced filtering features in addition to regular mail features.

Lotus Notes
As an integrated collaborative environment, Lotus Notes combines enterprise-class messaging and calendaring & scheduling capabilities with a robust platform for collaborative applications.

Pegasus Mail
Pegasus Mail is a free, standards-based electronic mail client suitable for use by single or multiple users on single computers or on local area networks. A proven product, it has served millions of users since it was released in 1990. It is extremely feature-rich and powerful, yet remains small and fast.

IncrediMail lets you take full control over what your email looks like. Select from hundreds of background that fit any mood or occasion. This email program has 3D effects, animations and emoticons!

E-mail Tips

Everything E-mail

Information and links to make your e-mail account more productive and fun! Resources, guides, and glossary to make things easier for you to understand. Extensive Web site dedicated exclusively to e-mail and e-mail services.

I Will E-mail Tips

This site offers advice to beginners on all aspects of using e-mail.

Internet Marketing Newsletter

“The Secrets of E-mail Marketing Success,” an article by Lesley Anne Lowe.


Recommended emoticons for e-mail communication.

A directory of numerous free e-mail services including POP accounts, e-mail forwarding, newsletters, etc. Email

Updated weekly, this site consists of articles and links to email resources on many topics: beginning email, finding people, free email, greeting cards, privacy, and much more.

Signature Files

Grantastic Designs

Grantastic Design offers some design tips about online promotion using signature files.


Coolsig is a collection of signature files for all categories of life.

.sig Quotes

.sig Quotes provides an extensive list of popular email signature quotes.

Recommended Readings

Stevan Roberts: Internet Direct Mail

A guide to direct marketing via the Internet, teaching step-by-step how to create, send, and track a highly successful e-mail campaign.

Kim Macpherson: Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing That Works!
Kim Macpherson’s book provides some great tips and advice for those just starting down the path of permission email marketing. The case histories of good and bad practices alike provide strong insights on communications and etiquette. This book also explains the terms of email marketing.

Elizabeth Danziger: Get to the Point!
Corporate writing coach Elizabeth Danziger presents the entire writing process, from procrastination through proofreading, briefly explaining each key point in a witty, easy-to-read manner.

Samantha Miller: E-mail Etiquette
Everyone uses e-mail these days, but not everyone knows how to. E-mail etiquette will change all of that. This guide to polite and productive electronic mail use at home or in the office will be a must-read for everyone.

Chris Pirillo: Poor Richard’s E-mail Publishing
This book is about publishing online. Chris Pirillo describes how to design your ezine, manage your subscription list and promote your newsletter. Pirillo goes on to discuss bulletins, discussion groups and other powerful communication tools.

Shannon Kinnard: Marketing with E-mail
Marketing with E-mail offers a broader reach, higher measurability, quicker delivery, and easier consumer feedback for a lower cost than any other marketing medium. This detailed reference provides advice on how to expand and improve marketing opportunities, communications, and online relationships with this valuable tool. Marketers are guided through a step-by-step process of creating and implementing an e-mail marketing plan for their specific needs.

Jonathan Whelan: e-Mail @ work
Discusses the ways in which to use and to not use the Internet e-mail technique in the workplace. Provides answers to commonly asked questions.

Dianna Booher: E Writing
Practicing what she preaches, award-winning communicator and bestselling author Dianna Booher writes in a refreshingly straightforward style and has organized E-writing to make on-the-spot referencing a snap. Keep it handy; refer to it often — and your online mailbox will never be the same again.

Sue Mosher: Microsoft Outlook 2000 E-mail and Fax Guide
This handbook is intended to teach advanced users and administrators, especially those within networked organizations using Exchange Server, how to manage and optimize Microsoft Outlook and use it for organizational communications. The book explains features, techniques, and practices, as well as offering troubleshooting tips. It includes introductions to Outlook, but concentrates on the e-mail, fax, and work-group capabilities.