DreamDegree.org is a Social Education Marketplace where Colleges Compete and Students Win!


I've been personal friends with Dr. Michael Clifford for over a decade.  I watched him craft a vision and implement a plan that made Grand Canyon University what it is today.  He's had a phenomenal track record in online education and now he's at it again with DreamDegree.org.

Michael has figured out a way for more Americans to realize their dream of earning a college degree.

Taking things to a whole new level, Michael has structured DreamDegree™ (www.DreamDegree.org) as a not-for-profit.  Adult learning is being once again revolutionized by providing a free Personal Education Coach™ to students who want to complete their college degree online. These online degree programs are crafted by experienced online university coaches who create a Student Profile™ in Enrollment Central™.  What this does is create a competitive environment where universities can make offers of scholarships to students enrolled in online courses offered through DreamDegree.  DreamDegree has worked out the solution which makes online credits for specific degree programs all transferable.

“Our Coaches smooth out the confusing enrollment process for working adults giving the student a convenient system to have schools compete for them,” Clifford told me. “Colleges and universities want to recruit highly motivated adult learners who are currently enrolled in online lower division courses offered through DreamDegree, each broadly transferable because of accompanying American Council on Education credit recommendations.”

Enrollment Central is the first marketplace for colleges and universities to make offers of enrollment to students. DreamDegree gives the busy student the power of choice.

“Our students get the best price, quality and service when schools compete,” he said. “Adult students are unaware of how really valuable they are to schools. When schools compete, students win.”

I'm looking forward to seeing how quickly this new social education marketplace becomes the standard for enrolling students in online college courses.

DreamDegree.org Offers Online College Courses and Online Degree Solutions for the High Cost of Education

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