Contribution versus Entitlement – How To Get A Social Media Job

Think about how you want to be spending your time (note: making a contribution is different question than 'what do you want to do…?) Then find a successful person who does just that. And make yourself indispensable to that person in order to learn as much as you possibly can.  This will insure that you are chosen for the jobs which are out there for undustrious entrepreneurs who are looking for a hand up and not a hand out.  Our Bill of Civil Rights guarantees us equal opportunity, not equal results.

Social Media Martin-Luther-King-Montgomery-Alabama-Bus-Boycot

Erika Ritz authored a piece on titled "MLK’S NIECE WEIGHS IN ON ‘WHAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICA’"

Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke Tuesday about how the lessons she learned growing up in her family can apply to all Americans.

She discussed a modified “ten commandments” in particular, which said anyone who marched with her uncle had to pledge to abide by.

“We had to agree to be non-violent, to read our Bibles daily, to love each other…” she recalled, speaking with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV.  “To love, to obey, to honor first God, and then each other and those we needed to serve.”

I'm trying to be careful what I say in social media, because it seems like no matter what, we live in a hypersensitive society where people are just looking for any reason to be offended. I'm working on a project to identify a series of "Issues" where Americans can unite. Any suggestions you have where you think we should be united regardless of Party affiliation? Is there a Capital Mall gathering place where we can all agree on certain foundational issues?

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