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Mentoring/Coaching program
Internet Marketing Strategies
Competitive Analysis Reports
Web Site Storyboarding
Search Engine Positioning
Web Site Report Card
Mentoring/Coaching program
The investment for this program is $1,000. per month with a 6 month minimum.


What do you get for your investment?

1. Up to 3 hours in the first month which will enable Kendell to:

  • do a preliminary review of your site and your Internet marketing strategy,
  • review the resources you have (human and financial) to devote to Internet marketing,
  • discuss with you the main areas you want to address,
  • and map out a plan to achieve your online success

2. Scheduled regular virtual meetings with Kendell as agreed. These meetings will be by telephone, online meeting room or email to review progress, plan activities, discuss options and/or have general Internet marketing discussion.

3. Education – You will receive a Kendell Lang Seminar on CD twice a month. Each Seminar on CD will address a different Internet Marketing topic.

4. Attendance at one of Kendell’s 2 Day Internet Marketing Bootcamps at a 50% discount.

5. A copy of Proven Website Promotion Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies
The Internet Marketing Strategy is the foundation of your online marketing activities for your Web site. It is critical in the role of turning your Web site into an invaluable asset for promoting your products and services and communicating with your target audience. A successful Internet marketing campaign must be initiated with a multifaceted Internet Marketing Strategy. Many organizations mistakenly rely solely on third party companies to place advertisements online (e.g. banner advertisements) only to discover that they are not obtaining the results desired. Online advertising placement only represents a small portion of methods and techniques at the disposal of your organization to successfully communicate your message to your target market online – many of which are high impact, low cost solutions requiring little more than an individual’s time for successful implementation. For example, targeted electronic mail lists and newsletters can deliver response rates of up to 60% while banner advertisements, on average, have a click through rate of less than 1%.


Marketing Strategy Components


During the preliminary phase of the marketing strategy development we will take an in depth look at your organization, your online marketing objectives, the products/services you are promoting and your target market(s). Using this information we will identify the most appropriate methods to reach your target marke t(s) online through extensive online research and analysis. We will identify ideal online marketing mediums that are appropriate for your business including:

  • Mail Lists
  • Online Ad Placement
  • Links Strategy Development
  • Meta Indexes
  • Newsgroups
  • Webrings
  • Ezines
  • Discussion Groups and Newsletters
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Search Engines and Directories
  • Viral Marketing Techniques
  • Permission Marketing Techniques
  • Repeat Traffic Generation Techniques

The Internet Marketing Strategy will express all content in clear, easy to understand English so that all readers, regardless of background (technical, marketing, etc) will be able to benefit from the information contained in the strategy. The Internet Marketing Strategy will provide step by step directions on how to implement the strategy so that your organization has the freedom to divide the strategy amongst individual personnel for implementation of the strategy internally.

Competitive Analysis Reports
Are you wondering how your Web site stacks up against your online competition? Are you worried that your competition is providing different content and marketing elements on their Web sites that enable them to communicate with YOUR target market while increasing their market share? At WorldClass Brand Management we understand that one of your Web site’s primary online marketing objectives will be to meet and beat your competition in terms of Web site content and marketing elements.


During our Competitive Analysis process we will take an in-depth look at a group of predetermined competing Web sites. Then, on an element-by-element basis, we will compare each site to determine which Web elements are included on the respective sites and how each site compares to one another. We will also compare the visual appeal of your competitors’ sites, browser compatibility, content, ease of navigation, search engine friendliness, link popularity, interactivity and Web site “stickiness” in formulating the online competitive analysis. Through conducting such an analysis you will indefinitely surpass your online competition in terms of Web site content.

Web Site Storyboarding
Having a strong Web Site Storyboard plays a key role in the success of any Web site. Similar to the design of a building, if the design of a Web site is structurally weak the entire Web site will collapse under stress and not meet user expectations. A successful Web site has to be designed in a way that engages the user to navigate through the Web site, interact with various components of the Web site, and return to the site in the future.


During the development of a Web Site Storyboard we will work directly with you to formulate a complete understanding of your Web site objectives, target market(s) and products/services. Working with this information we will develop a comprehensive storyboard, or blueprint for your Web site. The Storyboard for your Web site illustrates the navigational structure of your site, dynamically driven pages, repeat traffic generation elements, viral marketing elements, and permission marketing elements that should be included on your site. The Web Site Storyboard will also outline suggested content for each page of your web site.

It is much easier to change the layout of the site on paper, as opposed to recoding entire sections of the Web site. Ultimately the development and approval of the Web Site Storyboard ensures that unnecessary project costs and timeline delays are avoided. It also provides you with a blueprint for future growth.

Search Engine Optimization and Positioning
A recent study found that 81% of Web site users who visit a Web site for the FIRST TIME find the Web site through the use of search engines and directories. This represents a huge online marketing opportunity. Depending on your business, an optimized Web site could mean a 200% or more increase in qualified Web site traffic that is very real and attainable for a low-cost in comparison to more traditional marketing tactics.


WorldClass Brand Management has the expertise to drive targeted traffic to your Web site(s):

Search Engine Optimization
We will prep your Web site for the major search engines. In part, this entails researching appropriate keywords and applying them to your Web site throughout site content, page titles, headers, meta tags, ‘alt’ attributes, links, etc. At a very high level, Search Engine Optimization boils down to placing the right keywords in the right places under the right circumstances based on an understanding of how search engines rank Web sites and how users search for sites using the search engines. Please contact us for more information.

Search Engine Positioning Campaigns
To achieve maximum results you must continually monitor your search engine rankings and perform regular maintenance to keep pace with ever changing search engine ranking algorithms, business practices, as well as competitors’ marketing initiatives.

With our Search Engine Positioning Campaign solutions WorldClass Brand Management has the capabilities to:

  • Monitor your rankings in the major search engines and directories,
  • Submit your Web site to the major search engines and directories as needed,
  • Manage your “pay-to-play” search submissions,
  • Manage your advertising campaigns with the major search engines and directories,
  • Make adjustments as needed to your Web site to improve your visibility with your target market, and
  • Develop key links to your site to increase your link popularity – an increasingly more important factor in influencing search engine rankings.

How do you know it’s working? At the end of each month you will receive a status report from us outlining changes in your search engine rankings as well as initiatives we have undertaken to increase targeted traffic to your Web site – everything we do is measurable, so you will have hard facts regarding the success of your search engine positioning campaign. Also, you can view the results by referencing your Web site traffic statistics.

Web Site Report Card
Chances are; if you’re reading this page you have doubts about the performance of your existing Web site. The Web Site Report Card will help you understand “what works”, “what’s not”, and the “what’s missing” of your Web site so that there is no question about the performance of your site, plus give you feedback and recommendations on all potentially problematic areas so that you have the ammunition you need to make your Web site a success.


The Web Site Report Card is an unbiased, constructive analysis of your Web site that provides your organization with valuable feedback and recommendations for site improvements. Your Web site will be reviewed and assessed against over 60 best practice criteria, each of which is given feedback, recommendations for improvement, and a grade between 0 and 4. All feedback is provided in plain, easy to understand English, to facilitate the sharing of information with employees and associates with different areas of expertise and for ease of implementation of suggested recommendations by an assigned party of your choice.

The Web Site Report Card is divided into several core focus areas to address the critical elements that make up your Web site:

  • Presentation and Relevance of Content
  • Usage of Graphics and Images
  • Interactive Elements
  • End User Interface
  • Scripting and Marketing Mechanics
  • Search Engine Friendliness
  • Search Engine and Directory Findability, and
  • Unbiased, Third Party Focus Testing

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