"I left the seminar not only with Kendell's book, but with the absolute feeling I was now going to develop my site to its' full potential."


Dave Thorpe,
Life Coach



Earn income by becoming a KendellLang.com Affiliate!

Do you know travel industry professionals, professional speakers or others who would benefit from the Internet Marketing Bootcamps, Internet marketing webinars, Internet marketing seminars on CD, books or other items offered by KendellLang.com? Would you like to help them find our unique resources and earn commission at the same time?


The process is easy! Tell your colleagues and clients about KendellLang.com and we'll send you compensation when they purchase from us. You don't have to do any selling, just send your colleagues to our Web site through your unique Affiliate URL. We'll pay you a 10% commission on each qualified product sale.

Join our Affiliate Program here. You will be given a unique associate URL to include in your emails, newsletters and your Web site. Our software will track people who come to us through you and the software will record your commission. The software allows you to check at our site at any time to see how much you've earned for referring customers to us.

In an ideal world we would be able to reach every travel industry professional, professional speaker and Internet marketing professional who could benefit from Kendell Lang Internet Marketing Bootcamps, webinars, seminars on CD, books and e-books. We know that's not possible. So, we are would like to work with you to help us spread the word. Tell your colleagues about Kendell Lang's products, services and Internet marketing expertise and you share our profits when they make a purchase.


Here's what makes our affiliate program so powerful


  • We'll periodically email you reminders of upcoming Bootcamps, webinars and new product releases so you can promote them to your colleagues, clients and friends.
  • You'll earn ongoing commissions for as long as your contact buys from us
  • Our system tracks with cookies and ID numbers to make sure you get your commission
  • You can always check your stats and visitors in real-time to see how
    you're doing
  • You'll receive an email notification of any sales you make.

See the FAQ for more details.

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Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about our Affiliate Program. If you have a question about the Affiliate Program that isn't answered below, you can email it to Kendell@WorldClass.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

How much are the referral commissions?
You earn 10% on any products your referral buys from us through our online storefront.

How often do you pay commissions?
Affiliates are paid at the beginning of each month. You can check on your commissions at any time by logging in to http://www.profcs.com and putting in your affiliate number.

How much money can I make as an affiliate for KendellLang.com?
The sky's the limit! Basically the amount you earn is up to you, and how widely you spread the good news about KendellLang.com products.

We are absolutely committed in helping you develop and grow your sales and earn. After all, when you make money, we make money!

Think for just a moment and you'll realize that all of your colleagues, friends, and clients, in the tourism Industry, or any other Industry who are interested in improving their web site or their online marketing can benefit from the KendellLang.com Bootcamps, webinars, seminars on CD, e-books, books and other products. Well then, it makes sense to become an affiliate. Because when they use our products to benefit their professional growth, you'll get a commission on their purchases for life!

When might I not earn commission?
By promoting KendellLang.com products to your colleagues, it doesn¹t mean you then are entitled to commission from all sales made to that client's organization. For example, if you send a recommendation to a friend at Northwest Airlines and she buys a teleseminar through your link, you would get a commission from that sale. If someone else also sent an email to a different friend at Northwest Airlines and that person bought a tape, you would not be entitled to a commission from that sale, as it didn't come through you.

If your Northwest Airlines friend likes the teleseminar so much, she tells a friend at the Radisson Hotel, you would get commission only if your Northwest Airline friend included your link and the Radisson Hotel friend used that link to access our Web site. That¹s the only way the affiliate program software can track your commissions – any sales must be through that link.

Can I contact anyone who's email address I can find?
Only if you know these people. Please do not use mass spam emails to promote our products or services.

What is spam?
It's Sending People Annoying eMail. Do not send promotional email to someone you don't know or don't have permission to email.

KendellLang.com Affiliate program is a professional referral system. It's a great way to let your colleagues who are interested in Internet marketing know about our Internet marketing Bootcamps, webinars, seminars on CD, books and e-books. It's not a multi-level-marketing scheme.

What happens if you do spam?
If someone complains to us that you have spammed them, we will investigate the complaint, and if we feel the complaint is justified, we will close down your Affiliate Account immediately. We are very strict about this.

How do I sign up to be a KendellLang.com Affiliate?
It's easy! Just click here.


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