Media for America Says Happy Independence Day 2013!!!

Social Media for America on Independence Day 2013

On June 7, 1776 a committee of five was appointed to begin a draft of the declaration. The committee selected Thomas Jefferson to be the author. The document was presented to the Continental Congress on July 1, 1776 and it was ratified on July 2, 1776.

Social Media for America on Independence Day 2013

The next order of business was printing the document. And records indicate that John Hancock entered a printed copy of the Declaration of Independence into the Continental Congress' rough journal on July 4, 1776. And the document as we all know is dated for July 4, 1776. But the Declaration of Independence wasn't actually signed by members of the Continental Congress until August 2, 1776.

Social Media for America on Independence Day 2013

The men who put this document together really believed what they were writing. They sought to make changes in their world and they did.

We know that the men who signed the document were far from perfect, and many of them did not live up to the ideals that are written about in the Declaration of Independence. But they started a debate and in the end created a framework for those ideals to be put into action.

It's also living proof to me that if you have a dream or an idea, even though it's out of the norm, it can be brought to life.

So when you celebrate on July the fourth each year keep in mind that dreams are possible. And that taking a risk can pay off.

Social Media for America on Independence Day 2013

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The Sweet Smell of Success! Are You Using Aroma Therapy in Your Reception Area?

Have your staff do a simple experiment.  Before coming into the office, blindfold them and have them walk into your waiting room one by one.  Ask them what is the first smell that comes to mind.  Do the same thing yourself.  You'll be amazed at what this very simple, inexpensive self study will tell you about your "customer experience."


If someone asked which of the five senses were most important to you, would smell be in the top three? Probably not! Smell is one of the most powerful and important senses, yet somehow gets overlooked. But what does it have to do with marketing your business?


When someone walks into your office, which of the five senses are immediately engaged.  If there is a bad odor, guess what, that's the first impression you're giving out to existing and potential new clients.  Believe it or not, first impressions and decisions on whether to become a repeat client or not are greatly affected by the customer experience of sitting in your reception area.



Most of us have experienced moments in our lives where a particular smell brings an old memory right to the front of our mind with incredible detail. In a study at Northwestern University researchers are looking into the link between the sense of smell and our emotions and why a certain perfume or the scent of baking pie can conjure memories of a long-dead loved one. While conversely, the smell of diesel fuel might trigger a flashback for a soldier suffering from PTSD.  For me, Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without the aroma of the baking turkey in the oven, nor would Christmas be the same without the pine scent of the Christmas tree or the cinnamon cider filling the house with that unmistakable scent.


Engaging the senses of your clients in a positive way is actually at the root of how Reputation Management works.  If you have specific questions not directly answered in our Reputation Management Report please feel free to call me directly at 760.445.3315.  I am willing to take your direct calls to answer your questions because this is a critical issue to understand.


The last thing you EVER want to hear is "I really like Dr. Smith, but the smell in his waiting room makes me feel like I'm in a hospital"  A negative patient review or a complaint to potential referral friends can have a devastating affect on your business marketing.



Get our Reputation Management Report on how to become a top 10% reviewed practice across the web and prevent damaging reviews. A study by Harvard Business School found that "Every Star in a Review Leads to a 5-9% Jump in Revenues". The top 10% of reviewed sites get 60% of the business online. Also it has been found that a specific methodology combined with good customer service gets a firm into the top 10% fastest. 
In the information age, it is too easy for a reputation to be tarnished and all such attempts by any client needs to be arrested before it goes public. Are you MANAGING YOUR SMELL REPUTATION?  This FREE ebook is the NUMBER ONE resource to help you manage and protect your hard won reputation.  If you want to learn why;  



Did you know that Google is actually PENALIZING YOU if you don't have "enough" Google reviews!!!!



Read that AGAIN! Let it sink in nice and deep…


YOU ARE BEING PENALIZED for not having "enough" reviews on Google from your patients…




So, I'm telling one of our clients about what happened to a dentist I know when an unhappy client went on Yelp, Merchant Circle, Insider Pages and Yahoo!Local to say how unhappy she was with the service.  Didn't matter that she got great service and just didn't want to pay her bill, the review sites don't care about that little detail!  Well, his head just about exploded right in front of me as he told me the details of his horror story about Google Local Reviews.  Do you know what your patients are saying about you?  Have you lost recent Google patient reviews?  Did you know that not having "enough" Google reviews can be as bad as not having good reviews?


I could give you all kinds of reasons, but the best advice I can give you is do yourself a favor…Fill out the form to get our Reputation Management Report.
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Contribution versus Entitlement – How To Get A Social Media Job

Think about how you want to be spending your time (note: making a contribution is different question than 'what do you want to do…?) Then find a successful person who does just that. And make yourself indispensable to that person in order to learn as much as you possibly can.  This will insure that you are chosen for the jobs which are out there for undustrious entrepreneurs who are looking for a hand up and not a hand out.  Our Bill of Civil Rights guarantees us equal opportunity, not equal results.

Social Media Martin-Luther-King-Montgomery-Alabama-Bus-Boycot

Erika Ritz authored a piece on titled "MLK’S NIECE WEIGHS IN ON ‘WHAT’S WRONG WITH AMERICA’"

Alveda King, the niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke Tuesday about how the lessons she learned growing up in her family can apply to all Americans.

She discussed a modified “ten commandments” in particular, which said anyone who marched with her uncle had to pledge to abide by.

“We had to agree to be non-violent, to read our Bibles daily, to love each other…” she recalled, speaking with Glenn Beck on TheBlaze TV.  “To love, to obey, to honor first God, and then each other and those we needed to serve.”

I'm trying to be careful what I say in social media, because it seems like no matter what, we live in a hypersensitive society where people are just looking for any reason to be offended. I'm working on a project to identify a series of "Issues" where Americans can unite. Any suggestions you have where you think we should be united regardless of Party affiliation? Is there a Capital Mall gathering place where we can all agree on certain foundational issues?

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Washington Post Discovers The Actual United States Star Chamber

Social Media SuperPAC Civil Rights

It seems almost beyond imagination that it has been 20 years since the movie "Star Chamber" came out, starring at that time a relatively young Michael Douglas.  This movie does a masterful job and stretches your thinking from the very opening. Michael Douglas portrays an idealistic L.A. County superior court judge who finds himself in a cabal of judges known as THE STAR CHAMBER, in this 1983 film of the same name directed and co-written by Peter Hyams (OUTLAND; CAPRICORN ONE; 2010). His character is frustrated about letting criminals go scot-free on charges ranging from kidnapping to murder because of technicalities; even though the evidence would clearly put these thugs on ice, improper procedures by the police force Douglas to obey the letter of the law and dismiss them.

But he gets a look into this Star Chamber cabal from his mentor (Hal Holbrook, good as ever), where he and seven other judges, plus Douglas now, pass judgment on and later find and execute the criminals. In essence, this Star Chamber consists of judges so fed up with the System that they resort to vigilantism. Douglas, however, doesn't see this particular cabal as the answer, and he has to struggle with this dichotomy.

This movie is among my all time favorite political thrillers, right along with the following;


"All The President's Men", In the Watergate Building, lights go on and four burglars are caught in the act. That night triggered revelations that drive a U.S. President from office. Washington reporters Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) grabbed the story and stayed with it through doubts, denials and discouragement. All the President's Men is their story. Directed by Alan J. Pakula and based on the Woodward/Bernstein book, the film won four 1976 Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor/Jason Robards, Adaptation Screenplay/William Goldman, Art Direction and Sound). It also explores a working newspaper, where the mission is to get the story and get it right.



In 1969, students Martin Brice and Cosmo are hacking into computer networks using university equipment, to redistribute conservative funds to various liberal causes. The police burst in and arrest Cosmo while Martin is out getting pizza, and Martin goes on the run.

In the present day, Martin, now called Martin Bishop, is running a tiger team of security specialists in San Francisco, including Donald Crease, a former CIA officer and family man; Darren "Mother" Roskow, aconspiracy theorist and electronics technician; Carl Arbogast, a young genius; and Irwin "Whistler" Emery, a blind phone phreak.

Martin is approached by two National Security Agency officers, Dick Gordon and Buddy Wallace, who know of his former identity. In exchange for clearing his record, he's asked to recover a "black box" from mathematician Dr. Gunter Janek, who has developed the box under the project name "Setec Astronomy" supposedly for the Russian government. Martin is hesitant but agrees to help. With help from his former girlfriend, Liz, Martin and his team secure the box which is disguised as a telephone answering machine. During their ensuing celebration party, Whistler, Mother, and Carl start to investigate the box, finding it capable of breaking the encryption of nearly every computer system. Martin works out that "Setec Astronomy" is an anagram of "too many secrets".



"Red Dawn" In Red Dawn, a city in Washington state awakens to the surreal sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky – shockingly, the U.S. has been invaded and their hometown is the initial target. Quickly and without warning, the citizens find themselves prisoners and their town under enemy occupation. Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerrilla group of fighters. Taking inspiration from their high school mascot, they call themselves the Wolverines, banding together to protect one another, liberate their town from its captors, and take back their freedom.


And then there's Will Smith's epic "Enemy of the State".  Enemy of the State is a 1998 American action-thriller about a group of rogue NSA agents who kill a US Congressman and try to cover up the murder.

Star Chamber, as most of all the above movies, have all but been forgotten about, that was until yesterday when the Washington Post disclosed details about the reality of a Secret Surveillance Court.  In the wake of the NSA Scandal, the Washington Post now talks openly about the Foreign Intelligence Security Court and "Wedged into a secure, windowless basement room deep below the Capitol Visitors Center, U.S. District Court Judge John Bates appeared before dozens of senators earlier this month for a highly unusual, top-secret briefing."  Bates, "reluctantly agreed to appear at the behest of Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who arranged the session after new disclosures that the court had granted the government broad access to millions of Americans’telephone and Internet communications.

The two-hour meeting on June 13 featuring Bates and two top spy agency officials — prompted by reports days earlier by The Washington Post and Britain’s Guardian newspaper about the vast reach of the programs — reflects a new and uncomfortable reality for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and its previously obscure members."

The good news where all our interests are aligned (this isn't a left or right issue, this isn't about Democrat or Republican) is, "Members of Congress from both parties are pursuing legislation to force the court’s orders into the open and have stepped up demands that the Obama administration release at least summaries of the court’s opinions."

"Walton, who took over as chief earlier this year, issued an order last month demanding that the Obama administration respond to a request from a civil liberties group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for the release of a classified ruling in which the court found that the government had engaged in unconstitutional surveillance of Americans. The court has even taken the rare step over the past two weeks of creating a public docket Web page featuring the Electronic Frontier Foundation case as well as a separate, new motion brought by theAmerican Civil Liberties Union seeking records of the phone surveillance program."

"It is a fair summary of constitutional history that the landmarks of our liberties have often been forged in cases involving not very nice people." -Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.

Protection of civil liberties and civil rights is perhaps the most fundamental political value in American society. That is what I believe will UNITE us all in the future (sooner than many of you might believe given the speed at which all of our Civil Rights are being violated) and why I believe the Founding Fathers codified them in the Bill of Rights. And yet, as former Justice Frankfurter explained in the quote above, the people who test liberties and rights in our courts are not always ideal citizens.

What is the difference between a liberty and a right? Both words appear in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The distinction between the two has always been blurred, and today the concepts are often used interchangeably, especially when words and definitions are so easily changed to suit political agendas. However, they do refer to different kinds of guaranteed protections for ALL OF US. Again, this is not left or right, Republican or Democratic, so this is something about which all of us should be able to come together and agree around the importance of protecting Civil Rights. If I lose my Civil Right to profess my Christian faith, are you then ready to lose your Civil Right to profess your belief in same sex marriage?

Civil liberties are protections AGAINST government actions. For example, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees citizens the right to practice whatever religion they please. Government, then, cannot interfere in an individual's freedom of worship. Amendment I gives the individual "liberty" from the actions of the government to prevent ANYONE from practicing ANY religion, whether I vehemently disagree with them or not, like the Westboro Baptist Church. Regardless of whether I personally find their ideology reprehensible, I have to agree to defend their right to practice their religion (within the law) and I expect the same liberty in reverse.

Civil rights, in contrast, refer to positive actions of government should TAKE to create EQUAL conditions for ALL Americans. The term "civil rights" is often mistakenly associated with the protection of minority groups, such as African Americans, Hispanics, and women, but the language of equality for all is an important condition. The government counterbalances the "majority rule" tendency in a democracy that often finds minorities outvoted.

The overwhelming majority of court decisions that define American civil liberties are based on the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments added to the Constitution in 1791. Civil liberties protected in the Bill of Rights may be divided into two broad areas: freedoms and rights guaranteed in the First Amendment (religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition) and liberties and rights associated with crime and due process. Civil rights are also protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, which protects violation of rights and liberties by the state governments.

Protection of civil liberties and civil rights is basic to American political values, but the process is far from easy. Protecting one person's right can potentially involve violating those of another. How far should the government go to take "positive action" to protect minorities? The answers often come from individuals who brush most closely with the law, whose cases help to continually redefine American civil liberties and rights.

For most hard working Americans, we've been out there focused on our job, building our businesses, raising our kids, being involved in our communities and generally believing that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were safe and secure. We are waking up to a very different reality, and this is what unites us towards a common cause. Some of us this awakening came long ago, some within just the past few weeks because of the myriad scandals and revelations about things which just months ago were unthinkable and rejected as conspiracy theory. 

Again, this isn't a Party issue because Former National Security Agency analyst Russ Tice, a Bush-era whistle-blower, recently made startling claims that the federal government’s wiretap endeavors targeted high-ranking government officials, including military officials, lawmakers and diplomats including President Obama.

What I find most interesting right now is the somewhat parallel legal claims being pursued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and their request for the release of a classified ruling in which the court found that the government had engaged in unconstitutional surveillance of Americans and the ACLU who filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the U.S. government surveillance program that collects the telephone records of millions of Americans from U.S. telecommunications companies.

Do you believe your Civil Rights are being violated by the government surveilling your personal phone records, emails or any other communication without any connection or claim of involvement with a terrorist organization or any wrongdoing whatsoever? If you believe your personal Civil Rights have been violated by the actions of the government, what action are you willing and capable of doing to obtain your 1st Amendment Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances?

Chief Justice Roberts himself signaled some discomfort with the system during his 2005 confirmation hearings.

“I’ll be very candid,” he told senators. “When I first learned about the FISA court, I was surprised. It’s not what we usually think of when we think of a court. We think of a place where we can go, we can watch, the lawyers argue, and it’s subject to the glare of publicity. And the judges explain their decision to the public and they can examine them. That’s what we think of as a court.”

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Are You A Social Media Curator?

These days anyone can become a social media Curator, sharing links, sites and information with the rest of the world.

Social Media curation, or digital curation, is the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital assets (according to Wikipedia). Curation used to be the domain of archivists and librarians. But the brunt of curation has moved over from the shelves and archives onto the Web.

The Web has added a social aspect to curation: You don’t just collect and preserve information, you share your collections with the world.

PINTEREST – The biggest social media curation site right now is Pinterest.

social media infographic pinterest

If you'd like to learn more about Pinterest, I created a totally free, no obligation Webinar you can watch and learn…

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I've been personal friends with Dr. Michael Clifford for over a decade.  I watched him craft a vision and implement a plan that made Grand Canyon University what it is today.  He's had a phenomenal track record in online education and now he's at it again with

Michael has figured out a way for more Americans to realize their dream of earning a college degree.

Taking things to a whole new level, Michael has structured DreamDegree™ ( as a not-for-profit.  Adult learning is being once again revolutionized by providing a free Personal Education Coach™ to students who want to complete their college degree online. These online degree programs are crafted by experienced online university coaches who create a Student Profile™ in Enrollment Central™.  What this does is create a competitive environment where universities can make offers of scholarships to students enrolled in online courses offered through DreamDegree.  DreamDegree has worked out the solution which makes online credits for specific degree programs all transferable.

“Our Coaches smooth out the confusing enrollment process for working adults giving the student a convenient system to have schools compete for them,” Clifford told me. “Colleges and universities want to recruit highly motivated adult learners who are currently enrolled in online lower division courses offered through DreamDegree, each broadly transferable because of accompanying American Council on Education credit recommendations.”

Enrollment Central is the first marketplace for colleges and universities to make offers of enrollment to students. DreamDegree gives the busy student the power of choice.

“Our students get the best price, quality and service when schools compete,” he said. “Adult students are unaware of how really valuable they are to schools. When schools compete, students win.”

I'm looking forward to seeing how quickly this new social education marketplace becomes the standard for enrolling students in online college courses. Offers Online College Courses and Online Degree Solutions for the High Cost of Education

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Optimizing Your Online Content the Worldclass Way


Making your website, blogs, press releases and online content more visible to search engines and potential clients is what your SEO strategy should be all about. Here are some of the tools of the trades to help you ignite your online performance!

As a the founder and CEO of a social media marketing company, Kendell Lang knows what it takes to shuffle a business to the forefront of search engines’ attention. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Chrome… whatever search engine you use to get from A to B on the internet, as a business owner, you want your website to land in the top 10 search results yielded by all of them. A fantastic way to do this is to put out content that makes search engines happy. And content that is meaningful, interesting and relevant makes search engines – and your quarterly statement – very happy indeed!

The Modern Internet and Search Landscape

The Internet is a veritable bottomless pit of information, 90% of which is utter garbage. Clearly too many people have too much time on their hands because for every page of relevant, useful and interesting information there is, there are a thousand pages of useless rubbish. You could search for “advice on how to manage asthma” and come across the mental meanderings of some uneducated and un-researched blog. Even worse, a search for “exotic hardwood species” would land you with results that would make even the most stoic of individuals blush bright crimson!

Thankfully, the most recent algorithms governing how search engines match online content according to your search instructions – the keywords you type into the “find” bar – have changed. While today’s searches still require a LOT of sifting, the algorithm changes made to Google have put more emphasis on factors such as relevance and whether the content is actually popular with those who read it. Does a website retain its audience? Is a page being shared a lot on Facebook and other social media sites? Are people commenting positively on its content? These are all important factors nowadays, which means that the results you are delivered when you search for something on the Internet are likely to be relevant!

Then there’s the flipside to the coin… If you want your business’ website, blog or page to rank highly on search engines, your content is going to have to meet these algorithms requirements. It’s going to have to be useful, relevant and engaging. How do you do this?  Two very important ways, according to the CEO of Worldclass Brand Management, Kendell Lang…

1. Writing for People, Not for Search Engines

Prior to Google’s algorithm changes, there was an emphasis on quantity rather than quality. The more keyphrases you crammed into an article or webpage and the more articles and webpages you submitted, the higher your rankings on search result pages. Not anymore. Today, there is a very distinct emphasis on the quality of the content you associate with your business, whether it’s an informative article, a blog, a webpage or a press release.

To produce quality content, apply the following very simple rules:

·      Write something you yourself would be interested in reading and be objective about it. Some subjects are naturally more engaging than others, so be selective about the content you produce. Focus on giving advice and addressing common questions and concerns.

·      If you’re not great at writing or don’t have much experience in crafting articles, blogs and web pages, hire someone who is and who does. Great writing is a talent; it’s not something everyone can do.

·      Make your content useful and helpful. Provide advice, guidance and direction. The people who land on your blog or website are searching for something, so make sure you cater to that need.

The over-arching theme here is to write for PEOPLE and not search engines. When you first go about crafting a blog, webpage or online article, write it as though you will be submitting it for assessment (take your mind back to being in school!) Include pictures if you can and keep it relevant and engaging. If it’s boring and poorly written, you’ll lose your audience, who also happen to be your potential clients. Once you have written a piece of compelling content, you can optimize it for search engines.

2. Research and Use Keywords

Although keyword density is no longer a primary concern of search engines, the keywords themselves are still an important way Google, for example, matches content relevancy to web users’ search requests. Keywords also comprise the bridge between content that is produced for people and content that is produced for search engines! By using the keywords and phrases that people most frequently search for, you will be helping Google to direct web users to your website, blog or article.

For example, if you own a bakery in Scottsdale, Arizona, including keywords such as “bakery in Scottsdale”, homemade cakes in Scottsdale”, “wedding cake bakery in Scottsdale” and “freshly baked bread in Scottsdale” etc. is going to help people looking for all of the above in their particular location find you. The challenge you will encounter is stitching them into the fabric of your article without making them sound unnatural.

Your keywords should appear in your content in a natural and effortless way. You don’t want people to be aware that you’re including them for SEO purposes. Again, this is something that an experienced SEO copywriter will be able to do for you, so it might be worth your while to hire one or at least get their advice on the trade.

Research Keywords and Phrases for Your Business

To research keywords and phrases, you can use the Google Keyword Tool. Also be sure to include keyphrases that are similar in nature to your main keyphrase. Returning to that bakery example, you could use terms such as “homemade cakes”, “fresh bread”, “baked goods to order”, etc. The greater variety you use, the more relevant Google will find your content.

What about keyword density?

The rule of thumb for keyword density is once every 100 words. So, if your article is 1,000 words long, your keyphrase should appear approximately 10 times. In addition to the main body of the article, blog or webpage, your keyphrase should appear in the…

·      Heading or title

·      Photo names and descriptions

·      URL

·      Meta description

·      Introductory and concluding paragraph

Remember, Remember…

Content is King! Never compromise the integrity of your content for the purpose of keyword density. If it just doesn’t fit well, leave it out.

A Final Note from Kendell Lang

Creating content that is relevant and useful is really not as difficult as it may sound – after all, you’re already an expert in your field of expertise, whatever it is. You know most of what there is to know about your industry. You should also have an idea of the kinds of questions and concerns potential customers have. All you need to do is use your content to focus on addressing these questions and concerns, while also providing useful advice. Combining your expertise with SEO savvy practices will not only attract and retain more readers, it’ll give you fantastic authority with search engines. This feeds back into more readers = more customers = better online business = higher profits = you smiling. 

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The Power of Patient Reviews – Social Media Marketing Tool for Healthcare Professionals

If your business is more than a few weeks old in the 'webosphere,’ you'll have recognized by now the immense significance of a spotless reputation on the web. In fact, if patient reviews for healthcare professionals are syndicated correctly and effectively through the social media streams. This is especially true for those frequented by your niche of patients, which will mean the difference between a client choosing you or the dentist next door. Patient reviews left from your client's verified accounts on websites like Yelp and Kudzu build up instant credibility in favor of your business and provide solid proof of your physician's skills, customer service, and other key points.

Reputation Management and the Power of Patient Reviews

If you have specific questions not directly answered in our Reputation Management Report please feel free to call me directly at 760.445.3315.  I am willing to take your direct calls to answer your questions because this is a critical issue to understand.

The last thing you EVER want to hear is "A Derogatory Item Was Just Added To Your Google Reviews"  A negative patient review or a complaint to the local dental board can have a devastating effect on your dental practice marketing.

Get our Reputation Management Report on how to become a top 10% reviewed practice across the web and prevent damaging reviews. A study by Harvard Business School found that "Every Star in a Review Leads to a 5-9% Jump in Revenues". The top 10% of reviewed sites get 60% of the business online. Also it has been found that a specific methodology combined with good customer service gets a firm into the top 10% fastest. 

In the information age, it is too easy for a reputation to be tarnished and all such attempts by any client need to be arrested before it goes public. Are you MANAGING YOUR REPUTATION?  This is the NUMBER ONE way you are going to protect your hard won reputation.  If you want to learn why;  


Where to Get Your First Testimonials

The best option would be to ask them to leave your business a client testimonial on the practice's website – straight from the horse's mouth! The sites you should be targeting firstly are Yelp, CitySearch, and Insider Pages. If the patient doesn't come forward and offer a testimonial, then simply ask for it. Seeking professional advice on marketing medical practices from social media consulting services at Kendall Lang is the best option when you're making decisions of this nature. These client testimonials will then enter the complicated social media network for syndication of business reviews online. Insider pages, CitySearch, and Yelp are currently dominant sources of business reviews on the web.  These sites, an integrated component of social media, syndicate their reviews on your business to other smaller sites downstream where potential patients of a different demographic have high traffic to. Each site follows a different set of 'relaying rules' in terms of forwarding the testimonials; these rules are consistently revised in their favor, such as with YellowBot.

Stay Ahead with Kendell Lang!

While the top patient testimonial sites on the web continue to change, Kendell Lang will make it his priority to stay atop of it all, ensuring our health professional clients, like you, are represented through well-executed strategies for management of your business reputation on the web. Knowledge of this nature can be crucial in terms of the social media importance for monitoring and recognition of patient reviews. That's because, only if you catch negative reviews at their source, do you stand the chance of mitigating their proliferations. 

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Social Media Marketing Can Help You Launch Your Own Consulting Business

Set your own goals as you work on building your business from home, part-time or full-time. You can achieve your dreams while earning a great income, making new friends, helping others, earning free products, and so much more! 

As you share your passion for cooking, learning and preparedness in comfortable home settings, you'll experience the fulfillment of teaching others how to be self-reliant. While there is no shortage of direct sales companies, never has there been an opportunity to sell such a practical product as essential to life as THRIVE foods. With the great taste and extensive shelf life of THRIVE foods, the high quality and usefulness of its food rotation systems, and the powerful online tools and support material, Shelf Reliance makes it easy to succeed as a consultant!

1 • Party commissions

Conduct a Shelf Reliance Party and earn commission on sales made at the party. All orders not placed through the THRIVE Q, including Food Rotation SystemsEmergency Supplies and one time THRIVE orders, will be paid out at a 10% commission rate. You will receive 20% – 32% commissionfor those you set up on the THRIVE Q
See graph.

2 • Reocurring commissions

One of the greatest parts about being a Shelf Reliance Consultant is getting a 5% reoccurring commission check monthly! With Shelf Reliance’s proprietary Food Storage Planner and monthly payment program THRIVE Q, it’s easy for people to build a long term food storage on a monthly budget. Once they experience the great taste of THRIVE and learn to incorporate it on a regular basis, they’ll likely remain Shelf Reliance customers for life. What does it mean for you? Monthly commission checks for life!

3 • Host your own party

When you host a party with your own family and friends, you will receive the same benefits as when you conduct a party for someone else. However, since you are hosting the party, you will also receive host benefits.

4 • Build a team

Enroll others to join your team as consultants and earn the ASAP (Additional Sponsorship Advanced Pay) bonus! You’ll get a $50 bonus for each person you enroll as a consultant, which you’ll receive the week after you’ve enrolled them. As your team grows, you will also receive commissions from all of your consultants’ parties, sales, and THRIVE Q signups for up to 3 levels below you. Click here to see requirements for team earnings.


Shelf Reliance will take care of all of the overhead costs associated with starting a traditional business, such as inventory management and staffing. Our toll-free support line is there to assist you and your customers with any questions. Working as a Home Parties Consultant will allow you access to these other helpful tools:

Engaging Training

Participate in interactive web and phone conferences, as well as local, regional, and national events that offer the training you need to be successful.

Professional Business Supplies

We offer everything you need to market your business including brochures, tools, and the Shelf Reliance web site.

Desirable Product Line 

Shelf Reliance offers superior products that are designed to improve lifestyle and help people become self reliant. From THRIVE, our delicious and practical line of food, to our durable, space-efficient Food Rotation Systems, you'll have no problem growing your business with confidence.


Shelf Reliance is a solid company built upon principles of honesty and integrity. We're known for the high quality and excellent design of our products, Shelf Reliance is a name you can stand behind with a reputation you can trust.


People are the most important part of Shelf Reliance. At Shelf Reliance events, we recognize and reward individuals for their accomplishments. These events also allow us to offer additional classes and information for consultants. Make sure to attend these events to receive the training and recognition that will make your business shine!

To enroll, contact me directly at 760.445.3315 to purchase a starter kit. You will also need to set up a personal Q of at least $50 to receive monthly commissions. Thrive Life offers several starter kit options, each of which includes product samples, catalogs, marketing materials, professional business supplies, and everything else you’ll need for your first party.

  • The Consultant Starter Kit includes Party Pack 1, which comes with 6 pantry cans of easy mixes for chicken salad, cornbread, and corn chowder for delicious party samples, plus 3 other cans of THRIVE and 4 THRIVE Express pouches.
  • The Consultant Value Starter Kit includes Party Pack 1, plus 2 more Party Packs that include smoothie and salsa mixes for party samples, a wide variety of other THRIVE items, and THRIVE Express pouches for a total of 34 THRIVE items.
  • The Consultant Deluxe Starter Kit allows you to experience products from each Thrive Life area—THRIVE, FRS, and emergency—with a Harvest 72” FRS unit and a 2-person survival pack, plus everything in the Value kit.

See the Starter Kit Contents PDF for a complete list of contents and prices for all starter kits. Start your own business today for as little as $199!


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Social Media Marketing for Dummies: Promoting your Business Online

Social Media Marketing for Dummies: Introduction


According to the gospel of social media marketing for Dummies, it can be said without presumption that we have entered into a digital age where the majority of all our communications, transactions and interactions (and the histories thereof) can all readily be performed and viewed on the computer monitors in front of us. No need to step outside in order to do those myriad of everyday tasks and chores:


Need to pay the bills? Transfer the funds from your bank online.

Want to read the latest news? Check out the headlines online.

Fridge looking bare? Order groceries online.

Want to read the latest Harry Potter? Order it online.

Want to catch up with a friend? Email them, Facebook them, Twitter them… online


There doesn’t seem to be any limits or boundaries to the transactions and interactions we are capable of within the online community! Yet the plethora of social media and networking sites that we use to connect and stay in touch with our friends, families, acquaintances and colleagues extends into more than just the social arena… Allow us to enlighten you: this is social media marketing for Dummies.


Social Media Marketing for Dummies: Promoting your Business


Social media marketing for Dummies isn’t really for those that are a beer short of a six pack; it’s for people like you and your competitors – the business owners – who simply aren’t aware of the incredible possibilities that lie at your fingertips. Social media and networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg and the ±400 others out there in the virtual ether can all be used as marketing and advertising tools for your business, no matter how big or small! In fact, the law of social media marketing for Dummies dictates that the modern business that does not make use of this incredible online advertising space is bound only to fall behind its competitors… way behind. Why? Because the majority of us Earth inhabitants look for information regarding the products and services we need – the products and services your business provides – on the Internet. So, if your business isn’t visible online, you are losing out on all the customers, clients and profits your competitors are merrily enjoying.


According to social media marketing for Dummies, you can achieve the following simply by creating accounts with as many social media and networking sites as possible and regularly posting content that is relevant to your business on them:


  • Increase your website’s visibility to Google, Yahoo, MSN and local search directories, etc. using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO).
  • Promote your business and increase its exposure to your target market audience through your social media accounts.
  • You can actively become your company’s spokesperson and promote the brand name and image online.
  • You can isolate and target your specific market audience.
  • And last, but not least, according to social media marketing for Dummies, you can rig up software that will monitor and assess the results of your online advertising in the form of monthly visits to your website, the average length of stay, followed-up visits, etc.
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