Kendell Lang, Social Media Marketing Specialist Biography

Kendell Lang is an internationally-recognized e-business and social media marketing professional. As an author, Virtual Chief Internet Officer and professional speaker, he has delivered dynamic and informative presentations, workshops and keynotes to audiences all over the world. Kendell Lang is the founder and CEO of WorldClass Brand Management, a thriving social media marketing agency that serves clients all over North America and beyond.

In addition to his involvement with WorldClass Brand Management, Kendell Lang has authored several books on internet and social media marketing. But behind his calm and collected presentation, lies a man of impeccable moral standards and deep-rooted belief. Loyal and diligent in his pursuit of success, there is so much more to Kendell Lang than the online marketing success of your business!

The Man Behind Your Online Marketing Success

Interesting Facts About Kendell Lang, Social Media Marketing Guru
Growing Up.

Kendell Lang was born in the Swedish Hospital in downtown Seattle, so, even though he now calls California home, he does at heart consider himself a north-westerner (still has the web between his toes). Kendell's father was a doctor who served in the United States Army (30th Field Hospital), so his upbringing consisted of a collage of different cities and states across America and abroad, including Texas, Germany, Michigan and California. He returned to Washington for his final high school years, graduated and then, in 1979, embarked upon his tertiary education at Walla Walla College.

College Education and Experiences

True to his tumbleweed-style upbringing, Kendell then moved to California to complete the final two years of his undergraduate education, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from a small, liberal arts college – Pacific Union College – in the northern reaches of the Golden State in beautiful Napa Valley. It was during college that Kendell Lang began his foray into the world of literature and book-writing. He had a variety of personal life experiences, which all served to shape and mold his writing style, resulting in the impressive list of publications he has today.

It was also during this time at college that Kendell learned to fly as a private pilot and almost crashed when a fluke crosswind just about flipped his Cessna. Some deft maneuvering, a keen pilot's instinct and a whole lot of luck managed to get the aircraft back on course and out of an earth-bound nosedive!

In addition to his degree in Biology, Kendell has qualifications in software engineering. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and holds numerous certificates of completion for various platform specific software applications. He is also certified as an Emergency Responder for city-wide emergency operations. But it's not all business. Kendell Lang was a finalist for UCSD Connect's 'most innovative product award' for his proprietary gaming software!

A Love of Sports and Adventure:

Kendell Lang, although supernaturally dedicated to the virtual realm of social media and online marketing, has a deep love of surfing. And not the kind you do on the World Wide Web! He is as far from the 'beach bum' surfer stereotype as pork is from the Jewish menu, but he has a love for the sea and the surf that transcends the perception of others: "Surfing is exciting, requires balance and definitely gives you the chance to connect with nature." Not surprisingly, Kendell's favorite color is blue.

Kendell has worked as a ski instructor, as well as a scuba diving instructor; both of which have seen him on many unexpected adventures. "Being on avalanche watch with the ski patrol was exhilarating, especially when detonating high-risk slide areas!" Kendall says. "Also, night diving with nervous students has yielded many an interesting experience." Kendell has also gone rock quarry diving and white water rafting on the Snake River, the largest tributary of the Columbia River in north-western USA.

A Born Entrepreneur

Today, Kendell Lang is a social media marketing professional to businesses of all sizes across the industry spectrum. His keen entrepreneurial spirit is something that has become honed to a razor edge over the years, but as with any business-savvy individual, signs of this spirit revealed themselves early. Kendell's first 'business' experience was offering his services as a lawn-mower to his neighborhood. Eager to take his enterprising spirit to the next level, he consumed virtually every "get-rich-quick" book he could get his hands on. But it wasn't until he attended his first seminar by Robert Allen, author of Nothing Down when he really caught the entrepreneurial bug. At the young age of 17, Kendell bought his first single-family residence as an investment; convincing his parents to co-sign to make it really happen. In order to fund this endeavor, he worked in commercial fishing in Alaska for two seasons, the first while he was still in high school.

Involvement in Charities

Kendell Lang is a Director on the Board of, which seeks to connect disabled job seekers with companies who offer employment that can readily be filled by the disabled. He is also a Director on the Board of the Red Ribbon Foundation, which focuses on raising money to fund research for Pediatric AIDS sufferers. In an effort to 'give back', Kendell Lang supports a variety of other non-profit organizations.

Personal Favorites

In addition to his passionate interest in social media and online marketing, Kendell has a penchant for traveling, cooking, massage, reading, writing and surfing. His favorite genre of music is classic rock n' roll, but a deep appreciation of Mozart and Beethoven serves as a healthy balance. "It depends on the mood; sometimes it's jazz and other times Italian Opera," he says. This taste extends into Kendell's culinary preferences too, who describes his favorite food as "anything Italian".

A Love of Family

Kendell Lang has two children; a son and a daughter, both of which have flown the coop and are living independently. "The million dollar family", Kendell exclaims, "I'm very close with my children, I see them frequently."

Five Things Kendell has to Say About Himself.

  1. Bald is beautiful. I've embraced my genetic heritage.
  2. An aversion to stupidity is the only prejudice I allow myself.
  3. I should have been born Italian.
  4. I hate raw cucumbers and I can't stand the taste of watermelon; makes me gag.
  5. If I could have anything tangible, it would be unlimited airline tickets to travel around the world.

And Last But Not Least. An Embarrassing Story for Your Entertainment:

Being a parent gives you no end of material for both funny and embarrassing. Many years ago, we were flying to visit my parents with my kids, and just after the plane took off for a three hour flight, my one year old daughter gets sick and projectile vomits the entire contents of her stomach right down the front of my shirt. Needless to say, I had to spend the remainder of the flight with my newly decorated attire clinging wetly to my chest and the acrid odor of sour milk in my nostrils. The looks on the faces of my neighbor passengers were priceless.

My son has also yielded a few interesting stories. There is something genetic about boys and guns, and as parents we vowed to not expose our kids to violence on TV or otherwise. So, it came as quite a shock one day when our five year old son chewed his sandwich into the shape of a gun and starting shooting his little sister!

Kendell Lang's Experience


Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) of WorldClass Brand Management (June 2009 to present).


  1. A Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) can help implement a multi-phased plan to improve the performance of your business.
  1. e-Strategy Consulting & Advisory Services: An e-Strategy Plan focuses on improving internal efficiency and effectiveness by distributing information throughout your company with the use of Internet-protocol technologies.
  1. Onshore/Offshore Software Development: My focus is to provide offshore development services to software products and e-Services companies, primarily in the United States. My approach is to establish project teams consisting of software development executives and onsite project managers and business analysts who direct software developers at offshore vendors in pre-qualified locations. My goal is to be a seamless extension of your software development organization.
  1. Onshore Legacy System Integration: I understand the value of applying consistent methodologies and the importance of measuring results. My projects are delivered as planned, primarily due to the rigid adherence to the Rational Unified Process (RUP).

Senior Executive and Technical Leadership, SensorWave Technology, Inc.  (June 2007 – June 2009)

SensorWave's Virtual PatrolTM is a leading "edge device" security solution providing real-time deterrence video surveillance with "talk-down" capability. During my time here, I led the successful launch of Virtual Patrol™ which converted the company from an equipment manufacturer to a Software/Hardware-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider. I managed the startup team through the market segmentation analysis, SWOT analysis, market research of competition, local market analysis, geographically concentrated marketing plan, and the development of the Value Proposition and competitive market positioning.

It was also my responsibility to define, design, manage and deliver the Total Product Life Cycle documentation for the company manufacturing and operational processes associated with the fabrication of a unique wireless digital video recorder. I program managed the creation of the Bill of Materials and Build Instructions for the company's unique hardware solution, allowing the company to effectively negotiate with Contract Manufacturers.

I also authored the Technology Roadmap, Strategic Business Plan and Recurring Revenue Model to bring the company to break-even within 7 months. The Business Plan included detailed components for the Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, Technology Plan, Manufacturing Plan, Operational Plan, Finance Plan, Hiring Plan and Customer Care Plan. I implemented a customer relationship management solution to acquire, retain, and develop profitable customer relationships; implemented solutions for secure and scalable information sharing and document collaboration.

Vice President of Information Technology and Executive Producer for Stamp-It Productions, Inc. (2006 – 2007)

  1. Web-based Reality TV Travel Show production start-up.
  1. As CEO, CIO and Executive Producer, I was responsible for Business Plan development and implementation, including marketing, sales, finance, operations, manufacturing, installation, customer care, staffing plan and technical infrastructure design. Website development, video production, hyper-distribution marketing plan and Show development

Director of Software Development for Skylight Healthcare Systems, Inc.  (2005 – 2006)

Skylight installs and operates the ACCESS Interactive Patient System converting TV to PC. As Director of Software Development I was responsible for Strategic Technology Roadmap, including directing all internal and third party software development, Interactive Systems development, systems integration with head-end hospital cable systems.


Program Management Office Director of North American Mission Board (2003 – 2005)

Nonprofit; 201-500 employees; Religious Institutions industry


Technology Support Manager of Affiliated Computer Services – City of Riverside (2002 – 2003)

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; XRX; Information Technology and Services industry.


Chief Technology Officer of WorldClass Software Solutions, Inc. (1994 – 2002)


Director of e-Commerce, Gateway (1998 – 2000)


Senior Manager of KPMG Peat Marwick (1991 – 1994)

Partnership; 10,001+ employees; Accounting industry


MIS Manager, BDO (Seidman & Seidman)  (1988 – 1991)

Partnership; 1001-5000 employees; Accounting industry



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