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Internet Marketing Specialist and Social Media Keynote Speaker
Kendell Lang

Renowned E-Business and Internet marketing expert, Kendell Lang, individually tailors lively keynotes, half-day sessions, and full-day sessions for companies, industries, and associations interested in improving their online presence. Whether your interest lies in increasing targeted traffic to your web site or implementing a dynamic E-Business strategy, Kendell has the hands-on experience and knowledge necessary to guide you on your way to online success.

Kendell is the founder and President of WorldClass Brand Management, a thriving Internet marketing and E-Business consulting firm.  He is an experienced Internet marketing professional with a background in computers, marketing, and the Internet.

Kendell Lang is the author of the highly regarded and successful Internet marketing book Proven Website Promotion Strategies. His Contrarian Social Media Marketing, has received rave reviews from many industry professionals. His books include How To Make Real Income From Home, and Online Promotion Strategies for Your Small Business.

Books are published by WorldClass Book Agency, Del Mar, CA. Kendell is also the author of numerous articles concerning Marketing on the Internet, Digital Marketing, as well as the Internet and Business. He is an established member of the Association of Professional Speakers, the National Speakers Association, and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. 

As a result of technological changes and increased global competitiveness, the need for a strong Internet presence is essential. Kendell instructs individuals with his enthusiastic personality combined with his vast hands-on international marketing experience, which keeps his listeners informed and captivated. Let Kendell help you increase your traffic and make your business prosper!

21 Little Know Facts





  1. Kendell was born in Seattle, WA.
  2. Kendell is a serial entreprenuer. 
  3. Kendell likes adventure. He has gone hot air ballooning, white water rafting, down hill skiing, snorkling and scuba diving, commercial fishing and surfed with sea crocodiles.
  4. Kendell was the first person to build software that played blackjack for real money on the Internet.
  5. Kendell's entrepreneurial spirit flourished early – mowing lawns at age 12.
  6. Kendell won the longest drive for many golf tournaments
  7. Kendell likes to write political observations.
  8. Kendell spent a year and a half commuting every other week between Atlanta, GA and San Diego, CA working on a digital marketing project.
  9. Kendell's books have never been translated to Ethiopian.
  10. Kendell likes to spend time with his family in the San Juan Islands.
  11. Kendell was finished with high school at the age of 17.
  12. Kendell hates country music. Country and western alike.
  13. Kendell's first wife passed away from a brain tumor in 2007.
  14. Kendell has a partial photographic memory.
  15. Kendell is more than half way through his life.
  16. Kendell loves to sing.
  17. Kendell enjoys working with wood.
  18. Kendell has 2 great children, son Kamden and daughter Kjersti.
  19. Kendell hates to exercise, but does so for a better quality of life.
  20. Kendell wants a Brookstone Shiatzu massage chair.
  21. Kendell once got locked out of his hotel room in a towel when putting out his room service tray.
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