Associate and Affiliate Software

Cybertrakker is a program that provides the same service as Myaffilateprogram and Affiliatezone. It is hard however to justify it’s $799 price tag when you consider that computer programming experince is a must and thier is little to no customer or marketing support.
SiteSell has its own affiliate and newsletter base of over 100,000 subscribers. Offers courses to become an affiliate expert!
My affiliate program is an excellent blend of affordability and quality, definitely worth a look if you are starting your own affiliate program. For $800 you can etup your own affilliate program and get maketing support from Kowabunga technologies.

Synergyx provides an integrated shopping cart, affiliate program and a digital product delivery system.

GroundBreak’s Ultimate Affiliate Package is a fully featured affiliate program that will help drive traffic to your website.

Affiliate Zone provides affilate software that lets you set up your own affiliate program. This fuctions in much the same way as myaffiliateprogram. Affiliate zone is a little cheaper but lacks a few of the features of myaffiliate programs affiliate program.

Another personel affiliate software. Unfortunately this site is very hard to navigate. The software is $677 and is highly rated, however it is becoming dated as many of it’s “unique” features have been include or improved upon by Affiliatezone and Myaffiliateprogram.

Direct Track
DirectTrack is a Premium Partner Tracking, Management, Automation Solution that puts you directly in control of your partner relationships and gives you immediate reach to 14,000 publishers.

AffiliateShop provides webmasters and sales personnel a convenient and affordable way to create their own affiliate programs.

LinkShare provide all the tools and services merchants need to create, manage and optimize a successful affiliate marketing program. With over 10 million partnerships in the network it is the most successful pay for performance network of its kind.

AffiliateTracking’s automated Affiliate Program Management and Tracking application includes everything necessary to effectively and easily manage partnerships with other websites and affiliate marketers, as well as track advertising results for PPC search engines, email marketing campaigns and banner ads.

Commission Junction
Commission Junction delivers solutions that facilitate strategic online relationships between advertisers and publishers, driving accountable results for clients.

Associate and Affiliate Program Promotion Sites
The directory helps you find the best associate programs — also known as referral, partner, revenue sharing or affiliate programs — to earn money from your Web site.

Affiliate Toolkit
Affiliate Toolkit can provide a number of services and resources to help you develop and increase your programs profitability. is the authoritative guide to Internet affiliate programs, associate programs, & Referral Programs. Refer-it is a great resource for merchants with affiliate programs and Webmasters with affiliate web sites.

ClickQuick: Affiliate and Pay-per-Click Program Reviews
ClickQuick: In-depth reviews of webmaster affiliate, associate, and pay-per-click programs that offer opportunities to make money on the Internet. Also reviews of banner ad networks and helpful articles on improving affiliate program performance.
Comprehensive directory/search engine for revenue sharing (affiliate, associate, referral, and bounty) programs. is a directory of associate and affliate programs. It also offers resources on how to set up your own affiliate program. is a large directory of 2627 different associate and affiliate programs with user ratings and details on each.

Associate and Affiliate Education

Affiliate Success Tips
Affiliate Success Tips allows home business owners to create successful home businesses through affiliate marketing.

Kowabunga Technologies eBook
Kowabunga Technologies offers an eBook describing affiliate programs.

Popular Affiliate Programs
A pioneer in the affiliate program industry, boast that they have earth’s biggest selection of products, including free electronic greeting cards, online auctions, and millions of books, CDs, videos, DVDs, toys and games, and electronics.

CDNOW is the world’s leading online music store. is one of the biggest places online to buy movies.

Barnes & Noble offers a wide selection of books, and has over 120,000 Web sites participating in their affiliate program.
KSteal Our Sites is’s affiliate program. is the Internet’s definitive music hub, combining the Web’s largest collection of music content with programming and content from, and

Popular Tourism Affiliate Programs
Priceline Travel is the only way that consumers can name their own price for airline tickets, hotel rooms, groceries, new cars, home finance and more. has one of the number one rated tourism related affiliate programs online. At you can find low air fares on the Internet with best fare finder, make hotel and car reservations, and research vacation destinations online. lets you compare prices, shop for a vacation or cruise, reserve a room or rent a car. is your real-time online leisure travel reservation network.

TravelNow provides access to online hotel reservations, car rentals, group travel, and International airfare.
Fare Agent. Your personal travel service where you name the price and schedule and we continue to look while you sleep.

Recommended Readings

Wilson Web
Wilson Web’s ebook “Report on Affiliate Management Software” helps you to decide what affiliate software would be best for your business.

Ken Envoy: The Affiliate Masters Course
Ken Envoy provides a FREE course for anyone to become an affiliate expert. Find the link to his ‘Affiliate Masters’ course under the SiteSell University heading.

Greg Helmstetter & Pamela Metivier: Affilate Selling
Helmstetter and Metivier’s book, “Affiliate Selling: Building Revenue on the Web”, has been listed as one of Amazon’s bestselling titles. This book gives you all the tools you need to plan, implement and manage your affiliate relationships.