Social Media Agency: Small Changes to Your Marketing Strategy that Make a Big Difference, PART 1

Whoever said you needed a six figure marketing budget to make a big difference to your annual sales?

Sometimes, says this social media agency, the most important changes we can make come simply by taking a look at what we are doing, assessing where it’s going wrong and making the appropriate alterations rather than throwing around money and making impressive gestures. This may be easy enough for the large enterprises to do, but the small to medium businesses need to think a little more outside the box if they’re to get positive results from small changes; kind of a “What would MacGyver do?” approach to marketing! Well, says the social media agency, as it works out, you don’t even need to be able to escape shark-infested waters with nothing but a paper clip and some chewing gum.

In this three part article series, courtesy of this social media agency, we shall be looking at some of the small changes business can make to their marketing strategy that are guaranteed to bring about fantastic positive results; results that are evident in website traffic, lead conversion rates and sales!

1. Be Nice! Encourage Participation

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The modern online marketing strategy generally involves the broadcasting of content (informative articles, blogs, pictures, videos, etc.) on the great number and diversity of social media and networking sites on the World Wide Web. But it’s one thing to publish great content and it’s another to cultivate a fantastic reputation as a business that is approachable and likeable, says this social media agency. It is ideal for any business to establish a positive relationship with both its customers and its competition. After all, you have everything to gain from the former and a lot to learn from the latter, says this social media agency.

Engage actively with your subscribers, fans and followers, says this social media agency. This means that instead of using social media as a one-way conversation, use it to learn from your audience. Encourage their participation by showing interest and sparking a healthy debate. The very same philosophy applies to your employees, says this social media agency. Always cultivate a friendly and non-threatening environment for employees to participate and contribute in. By allowing them to do so through your social media channels (with guidelines in place, of course), you can really make them advocates for your brand.

2. Publish Content that is Share-Worthy

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Ever come across a funny video or an interesting article that immediately made you want to send it to a particular friend or family member? “My brother would love this!” This is the beauty of viral marketing, says this social media agency. If you publish content that is interesting enough, people are going to spread your message for you! What you need to focus on is finding material that is original, clever and interesting that will make your audience pay attention and want to share it with their friends and family.

In addition to greater exposure, writing high quality content or broadcasting quality video and audio material will add value to your online interactions using social media. Your audience will come to respect and admire you for that, says this social media agency.


Social Media Agency: Stay Tuned For more tips on how you can bring about positive results through small changes to your social media marketing strategy, stay tuned for the second installment of this three-part article series.

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