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A Brief Recap from the Social Media Marketing Professional

In our previous article post, we began discussing the value of using LinkedIn as a platform for business networking, marketing and advertising. We ended off with a brief look at the marketing value of LinkedIn ads, as well as how they are presented on the site. Now, as most of you will know, says the social marketing company, there is a distinct difference between advertising and successful advertising. People pay attention to the latter! And this difference is most keenly reflected in the approach businesses take in their efforts to secure the attention of their target audience. The very same applies to LinkedIn ads. While all you really need to do is write a 25-character headline, even better is a 75-character description and an upload of a photo to build a stronger ad. Your approach to this endeavor can certainly mean the difference between advertising success and failure. In this article, the second installment of a six-part series, courtesy of this social media marketing company, we shall begin to explore the five steps to LinkedIn advertising success!


Social Marketing Company: The Five Steps to LinkedIn Advertising Success

Social Marketing Company, Step # 1: Build an Ad and Make Content Your King


The very first step towards LinkedIn advertising success is to build a great ad with powerful copy and highly relevant, captivating imagery. As it was said, all you get is a 25-word headline, a 75-word description and a photo, so every single character is important. Remember the following important tips when writing the copy for your ad, says the social marketing company:


  1. Make your readers believe your services are useful
  2. Show that your offer is unique
  3. Convey urgency in your offer
  4. Be incredibly specific about what you are offering
  5. There should be a strong ‘call to action’ using words such as “sign up”, “register”, “download” or “request a demo”, etc.
  6. Provide a link to your own website where people can find more information about your services and/or follow through on that ‘call to action’.


For example:

In this ad, the call to action – “get a free quote” – is explicitly clear, says the social marketing company. And it provides the means for potential customers to follow through on that action with the provision of a website link. The ad is lucid in its offer, conveys a sense of urgency and will certainly prove useful for those interested in hiring a professional caterer!


Choosing a Picture for Your LinkedIn Ad


In terms of a picture, says the social marketing company, your choice should intimately reflect the services you are offering. Don’t get clever and choose an image that has some abstract, perhaps even humorous reference to your services. For example, if you’re a lawyer, post a picture of the scales of justice, a judge’s gavel or something similar. Don’t go and post a picture of a shark zoning in on a kill. Also, says the social marketing company, make sure your picture has 50×50 pixel parameters and works with the white background of LinkedIn. You should take the time to become acquainted with LinkedIn’s advertising guidelines; they don’t like certain kinds of imagery, promotional tactics and language and it’ll be a smart move to understand what they are before you risk getting yourself into hot water.

Social Marketing Company: Stay Tuned


To read about Step 2 of building a successful LinkedIn ad, stay tuned for the third article installment of this six-part series, courtesy of this social media marketing company.

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